The Dungeons Mod

Published by martigpg3 on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 17:00
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This mod is made because I want to make the game more fun...And beacause I want cave update :).This is one of my best mods that I ever made.Please comment if you have ideas for a future update.Thanks for downloading! 





-Machine Block (Makes Brown Bricks Block)



-Gray Bricks Block (Gray Bricks stairs,Gray Bricks slab)

-Mossy Bricks Block

-Destroyed Bricks Block

-Trap Block

-Force Block (power 1)

-Force Block (power 2)

-Silver Ore

-Silver Block

-Brown Bricks Block

-Dungeon Chest

-Mossy Brown Bricks Block

-Brow Bricks Stair

-Brow Bricks Slab

-Mossy Brown Brick Wall

-Mossy Gray Brick Wall

-Gray Brick  Wall

-Brown Brick Wall






-Changer Tool


-Magic Water Stick

-Magic Lava Stick

-Golden Changer Tool



Rare Dungeon - Very good loot

Common Dungeon - good loot

Small Dungeon - not the goodest

Desert Dungeon - Very Very good loot

Dead Dungeaon- good loot

Litle Dead Dungeon - very very bad loot

cave deungeon 1, cave deungeon 2 ,cave deungeon 3,cave deungeon 4 - good loot


Modification files
0.0.7.jarUploaded on: 04/24/2021 - 10:59   File size: 381.4 KB

-Dead Bricks

-Dead Bricks Stairs

-Dead Bricks Slab

-Dead Bricks Wall

-New 6 stuctures


Please download the mod again because there was a bug that I fix!Now you can play with out bugs

Hello Martigpg3, I am a new Mcreator user and I really like your mod. I am still trying to wrap my head around Mcreator and was wondering if I could make a custom fork of this mod for practice purposes. Thank you.

I'm sorry for asking, but I'm trying to create a small structure mod by myself and didn't find a way yet to create dungeon chests. How did you make them?
I'd be very happy if u can give me an answer to my question, because I cannot find anything on the internet.

Sorry, I know the question is going to martigpg3, but I also can help you, espacialy becuase he don't answered jet.
First, of course you have to crreate a dungeon, than you have to create a custom Loottabel ( or this one where it is (it might is, cause I don't watched this video jet!) discribed how to make your one Loottable with your Structure (!
Hope I could help you!

We actually were able to create a custom loottable with a json file and then then put the chest into the structure (without opening it)
Everything works fine but still huge thanks for your help.