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In this mod thhere are many different new foods and ways to get them!
What is in the mod: Tools: Knife,Iron Bowl, Meat Grinder,Foot transformer (uses the magical energy that is around you to convert some foods)

                               Main Foods: Burger, Sandwich, Egg, Sausage
                              Things you may not want to eat: Laxative, Poop, Poo in a Mug, Bacteria

What will come next? What I will defenetly add: more plants, Mango Chutney, Mango, Spices, Salt
                                            What I was thinking about: Rubber, paper bags to store food, Money, another                                                  Version of the Furnace, a 1.12 Version, antibiotiks

Please visit my Discord: if you want to get the newest updates and promo pictures

Modification files
eatitiall.jar207.59 KB

Added a "abandoned farm" that has the plants, deleted the system with the Food transphormer
Added a Matshmallow
Added a 1Block big Pearfarm
Made it more stable
Added "fat"

Added flour
Repaired some bugs
Repaired a bug where you couldn't craft gelatin and pearfarms