Published by Maselek on Mon, 09/02/2019 - 12:40
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This is my mod. It adds a new block, a new ore, and a new dimension. My mod is still not fully completed! Hope you enjoy the mod!

I'm hoping to get MOTW someday, but not too soon.

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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
masemod - 1.12.2 v.1.2.jar - Updated version of my mod119.98 KB
masemod - 1.12.2 v. 1.3.jar - 1.3 version135.8 KB
masemod - 1.14.4 v. 1.3.jar - 1.3 version for mc 1.14.4127.4 KB

v. 1.3

+added 1.14.4 support (there is still a 1.12.2 version wich might be canceled)
+added masecow
+added mase beef and cooked version of mase beef
+mase axe is now in mase mod creative tab instead of default minecraft tool tab.

v. 1.2

=caceled the "Masewater should flow upwards" thing

+made MaseDim look like overworld instead of nether.

+added masetrees and mase planks
+added half-op maseaxe and masepickaxe
+added masegrass which grows in maseDim

v. 1.1

+fixed the mod page

+changed maseore texture, so it combines with stone.

?masewater should now flow upwards, but it doesnt.

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