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Published by ThorPDough on Sat, 06/15/2019 - 17:54
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This mod adds several items to have a reason to continue playing after enderdragon defeat.

NEI for recipes

I would like to get comments for ideas for the next verson, I'm out of ideas.


4.0 out now!!! (this is not a link)

Tutorial video coming soon (Hopefully)

if you like this mod and know how to make a server with it, please make one if you want and place the Ip in the place you can write.

(i suggest also putting quark and regeneration on the server)


this mod currently adds:

A whole bunch (303 mod items)

- I dont want to make a list with 303 items, so look at the pictures or download it,

- there are also three new dimensions of wich two have each four biomes

-overall my mod is a whole lot of fun and you should defenetely download it


thanks for viewing, reading and potential download

signed: ThorPDough(meesjeszombie10 ingame name(Mees real name)).

Modification files
mate 2.6.1.jar - mate 2.6(.1) GO PLAY NOW!1011.9 KB
etadfinem 3.3.jar - etadfinem 3.3 weapon rebalance and trident works1.07 MB
mate 4.0.1.jar - Mate 4.0.1-----------------3017 items, What am I doing with my life?1.2 MB

restarted in mcreator 1.9.0

-better textures

-dimension revamp

-new ores

-new armor

-reworked enhanched armor and tools

and other stuff, I will not keep updating this, I update the description.

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