Dirt Combat Mod

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This is the first Java mod I am posting on this website!

Adds Dirt Armor, tools/weapons, dimension, biome, et cetera.

The armor is weak but it just looks cool, in a way!

Hope you enjoy it!

(Mod stuff is in a separate creative tab, and a few stuff still don't have recipes)

Email for contact (no spam or inappropriate stuff!): viomagma.x23@gmail.com

Website: https://ww.viomagma.com

Modification files
Dirt-Combat-1.14.4-1.0.0.jar - Download the mod here!Uploaded on: 10/15/2020 - 13:31   File size: 469.63 KB

-First beta. 75% done.

dirt tools and stuff of dirt was made thousands of times in minecraft mods, its good to start making a mod, but posting it is an error. sorry buddy but good job! my first mod was lots of times worse than this, you can easily improve! but use original ideas please.