Ground Worx - Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Published by Conborg on Thu, 12/03/2020 - 17:39
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What is Ground Worx?

Ground Worx is a mod created with the ground in mind. It is a mod I've been working on for some time now.


What's in the mod?

Ground Worx adds a bunch of mechanics to the game.


Some examples are:

1. New tools like the Ground Slammer or Earth Slammer which will both aid you in your mining adventures.


2. New blocks. The mod adds a ton of falling blocks.

    You can now craft a huge assortment of blocks that will fall, e.g. stone, dirt, granite, andesite, and tons more!


    - There are more trapdoors made of stone and etc.

    - More Doors made of stone and etc.   

    - Plus there are a ton more slabs. And the best part, when you SNEAK, it will place a slab VERTICALLY. This

    mechanic works on both Ground Worx slabs and Vanilla slabs. Meaning all slabs can be vertical


3. More mechanics. Ground Worx adds the ability to craft "Torch Bases." When you place a Torch Base and light it

    with "Spark Rocks" it will become a torch. This means you can take any stick and make it into a torch.


4. More Armors. With this mod, you can now make some more armors (some might even have some special abilities).


5. There are so many more mechanics, blocks, and items in this mod. So I can't list them all here.


More Info:

You can find my mod on Curseforge as well! 

My Twitter: @Conborg1

My Youtube: Conborg's Channel


You can also find my work here:

BAS Youtube Channel: BAS Channel

And the BAS Twitter: @BlownAwayStrats



All textures were created by me (Conborg).

I am the founder of this mod, and have been developing it by myself.



You may not take anything from this mod and copy, claim, and redistribute as your own.

However, if you'd like to make videos, commentary, tutorials, blogs, etc.

All I ask is that you would link:

   1. The name of my mod.

   2. Link to this site.


If in the future if establish my own website, then I would ask you to link:

   1. The name of my mod.

   2. Link to this site.

   3. Link to my website.

Modification files
GroundWorx (1.14.4) V1.jar - Ground Worx Version 1Uploaded on: 12/03/2020 - 17:48   File size: 4.26 MB

This is the first version of my mod, Ground Worx.

Please let me know what you think, and tell me if you experience any bugs.

Also let me know of any suggestions you have and I might add it to the mod!

Minecraft community: WI WONT VIRTICEL SLABS
Mojang: No, you're getting caves and the Nether. No vertical slabs!
Minecraft community: YEY CAYVES!
Conborg: I shall grant you your wish.
Me: Calm down.

Nice mod, but in the screenshot mining dimension, there are diamonds on the surface... Whats the portal made up of?

Yes, the Miner's Dimension is a little expansive, but very worth it. With resources throughout floating islands, you can mine to all your hearts content! The portal is made up of 10 compact coal blocks, and you light it with a "Redstone Geode." This would mean you'd need 90 coal blocks, or 12.6-ish stacks of coal. The Redstone Geode is crafted with 1 piece of redstone in the center with stone all around (minus the corners).

Should look like this:
/ [] /
[] * []
/ [] /

Currently the mod does not add any new ores. It just tweaks mechanics already in the game mostly. I had this in mind so that people could add this mod to their game and not effect their worlds much. However, I may in the future add some things. So if you have any suggestions, I'll consider them!