Simple Stamina

Published by 1Alligator on Sat, 12/05/2020 - 21:11
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A very simple stamina mod.


You use stamina by running and upon running out you will receive a few negative debuffs.


I've learned quite a bit while working on this mod and may make an improved cleaner version at some point.

For now feel free to download and try it.

This is the first mod I have ever published so please let me know how I can improve in the future, criticism is welcome.




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Simple Stamina.jar - Simple Stamina DownloadUploaded on: 12/05/2020 - 21:47   File size: 125.08 KB

v .1.0.0 - Release update - Released the mod.



inglese: hello, I really like the mod, congratulations. I wanted to ask you could you pass me the source or the file that allows me to see how you did it? i would like to implement it in my minecraft version 1.12.2. if you don't want to pass me the configuration file I would ask if I could do it for version 1.12.2. Thanks in advance.

italiano : ciao, mi piace davvero molto la mod, complimenti. volevo chiederti potresti passarmi il sorgente o il file che mi permette di vedere come la hai fatta? mi piacerebbe implementarla nella mia versione di minecraft 1.12.2. se non vuoi passarmi il file di configurazione chiederei se potessi farla per la versione 1.12.2. grazie in anticipo