L-Mod Better Survival

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               L-MOD Better Survival BETA 1.0.0 is a mod that improves the survival experience. It adds a variety of items such as cactus armor and lava pickaxe. Many items were inspired by shadowapples (Check out his youtube) but some are completely orignal. Credits to all the people who made the textures for Cosmo, Cactus, Lapis, and Obsidian armors. I deleted all the mod files. this is everything left of the mod. it is never going to be finished.


1.0.1 - Removed Floating Knife Mob, added alloy creation table and iron/gold alloy armor and sword, also added Handheld Trader - Potato which when right clicked can be given 4 emeralds to get a potato block.

1.0.1 Republish - added Crating recipe for alloy sword

1.0.2 - fixed bug where alloy creator would not create alloys.

1.0.3 - fixed bug where alloy creator would put alloys in the 2nd item slot

1.0.4 - added dirt monsters, and mud hole structure

1.0.5 - Fixed dirt monster modeling, updated dirt monster textures

I like the mod! I notice that a lot of the textures (planks and armors) use either mcreator textures or vanilla <1.13 textures. If you want I can make some updated textures to fit better with jappa textures!