BachnitMod (Everything Mod)

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The time has come...

I`m going to add EVERYTHING in Minecraft! To suggest your idea or read the news, go to connected forum topic:…. All your ideas will be added in the next releases (if they arent too crazy)! Maybe this mod will be the greatest mod ever, so you will be happy you took part in the development on such an early stage! Good Luck, Enjoy playing! 

( I`m not English, so sorry if something is wrong :) )


p.s. If you want to take part in development just contact me or discord SuperSpaceMC#9421

Project members
Lead developer
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
bachnit_1-15-2_1-0-0.jar - 1.0 First Release100.74 KB
bachnit_1-15-2_1-1-pre1.jar - 1.1 PreRelease. Contains a lot of new features and bugs.147.78 KB

1.1 "4X Update" - Unstable Prerelease!

- Super TNT (4x TNT)

- Ghost, very creepy mob.

- Spectorium, ghost drop. And modified (4x) variant.

- Titanium, end ore. And modified (4x) variant.

- Spectanium (M.Sp.+M.T.)

- Spectanium Scythe, 12 Damage!

- Grapes, drops from vines like apples from leaves.

- Golden Carrot Sword. Restores 2x (where`s my 4x :0)

- Known bugs: If you are in Pinquid and then replace it with a block, you`ll get infinite levitation (was it in 1.0?). The spawn of titanium and ghosts (?). No sword eating animation (was in 1.0, probably wont be fixed). Ghosts strange leg animation (probably wont be fixed soon, it's good enough)

1.0 First Release

- Grin Gems, which are crafted with emeralds and nuggets

- Grin Block of course.

- Grin is used to craft armor with effects

- Binoculars

- Carrot Sword. Eat it!

- Polished Dirt and its slabs, stairs, walls variants. Build a Hi-Tech dirt house!

- Pinquid, new End Liquid. You can walk on it if pressing space!