Curropted Gems(KAGIC ADDON)

Published by Segapop on Mon, 09/14/2020 - 17:50
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Corrupted Gems is an addon that first of all adds in a lot more than just corrupted gems, and is by created Segapop using mcreator because i can't code lol and some items are currently unobtainable in survival, and the list of plans is stuff that is currently being experimented with but it isn't 100% guaranteed to be added in.

There will be inconsistencies if you don't have the resource pack Kagic Simpl, but it is entirely optional.

You can get it here V

And if you encounter any bugs please report them to me. :-)


Discord V

Modification files

Fixed transparency rendering issues
Changed Moissanite Model/Textures
Changed Spodumene again
Changed Lapis model
Changed Steven model
Changed Artificial Block Textures
Changed Cobalt Textures
Changed Limestone Textures
Changed Artificial Fruit Textures
Changed Hematite to "Homeworld" in creative menu
Changed Invisible Monsters texture and corrected the model
Made Cracked Lapis Healable
Made Alterations to Crystal Temple
Made Alterations to Diamond Base
Made crash marks higher for roaming eye
Added Gem Powered Walls
Added green gem mech arm
Added Gold
Added Pyrite
Added Citrine
Added Jeremejevite
Added Jasper
Added Evelyastacia
Added Henry
Added Luminous Jewels Geode
Added Temple Gate
Added Temple Star
Added Temple Star
Added Gem Powered Music Disc
Added Cookie Cat
Added Artificial Fruit
Added Artificial Sapling
Added Artificial Flower Bush
Added Artificial Water
Added Bismuth
Added Bismuth
Added More Gem Shards
Added Magenta Sappire
Added Ruby
Added Eye Agate
Added Red Pearl
Added Carnelian
Added Pyrope
Finally gave hiddenite her own look(thanks to boringtalking)
Finally gave Triphane her own look
Removed Froot Block
Lowered Pentagonites spawn rates
Lowered Ruby Gangs spawn rates
Lowered Roaming Eyes spawn rates
Balanced HP and Damage
Updated Icon
Updated Diamond Dust Texture
Updated purples journal
Renamed All Texture Assets
Made Custom Grass Actually Function