Hunter Forest

Published by jojesper on Sun, 05/04/2014 - 17:22
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This is the Hunter Forest mod. This mod adds 4 mobs, a dimension and some items to your minecraft.



The Hunter has 30 health and 10 attack damage.

He drops Hunter Gems, but there is also a small chance that it drops his Hunter Sword.

The Bear has also 30 health and 10 attack damage

He drops Bear Fur, wich you can use to make Bear Armour

The Boar has 25 health and 10 attack strength

he normally drops Leather, but there is a small chance he drops a Tusk Piece

The Falcon is a bird that cant fly (:P). he has 20 health and does 10 attack damage.

This bird drops Falcon Feathers.



You can get a Hunter Gem if you find a Hunter Ore.

For a Hunter Gem Block you need 9 Gems. This block Can be used to make a portal.

A Hunter Bow has 5 damage and 5 knockback. The power of the Arrows are 1 and you can rapid fire with this bow. 

Only Hunter Arrows work on this bow. you'll get 4 arrows each time you craft it.

You'll need Falcon Feathers to make these arrows

The Hunter Sword is a really powerfull. It has 500 uses.

To ignite the portal you'll need the Gold And Gem.

The Amulet is really good to use in the Hunter Dimension. The Hunter Dimension is really dark and its hard to travel, because there are a lot of height differences.

If you right click in the air with this Amulet, you get Night Vision for 1:30 minutes. But if you right click on a block, you get a big Jump Boost for 30 seconds.

You'll need a tusk piece to make this.

If you kill a bear, it will drop Bear Fur. with this Item you can craft a whole set of Bear Armour.

Its a really good set of Armour. All pieces are crafted the same as normal armour.



The Hunter Dimension 

To go to the Dimension, you'll have to make this portal and ignite it using the Gold And Gem.

If you dont have the Amulet, there is almost no way to survive and travel in the Dimension.

All the mobs in this mod do spawn in the Dimension, but they also spawn in the overworld.

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