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Mod includes:

- 1 new ore

-  10 new items(including 9 totems)



zombie totem - gives you resistance to hunger

skeleton totem - allows you to fire it even if you don't have ammo


slime totem - gives you a jump boost effect


vindicator totem - gives you speed and resistance to bad omen


vex totem - gives you the effect of immaterial for 15 seconds (changes you to spectator mode and after time runs out to survival mode)

enderman totem - allows you to teleport

wither skeleton totem - gives you resistance to the wither effect, and when you fall into lava, it will destroy itself and give you resistance to fire


ghast totem - you can shoot fireballs from it if you have fireballs in your inventory

cave spider totem - gives you the effect of venom (when you hit someone, it will get the effect of poison and hunger)


please report problems with the modification and sorry if the translation is inaccurate.


if you have an idea what to add to the modification, write.

Modification files
Mo'Totems 1.15.2 1.0.0_0.jarUploaded on: 01/13/2021 - 10:06   File size: 104.88 KB