RoadPlus V 1.0.0

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Project status
In development
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RoadPlus est un mode qui rajoute des panneaux et des routes dans minecrafts pour faciliter la constructions de vos villes en rendant un aspect beaucoup plus joli !


  • Panneaux
  • Routes
  • Feu rouge
  • Lampadaire
  • Barriere de protection
  • Goudron
Modification files

cool mod. One question. Can you make one update from this mod to the 1.7.10 version make. I love this mod but I miss the thinks in the in the middle of the picture in the backside with the green and red lights.
I hope you can this make for me.

One fan of your mod

Can you please add cars to go with this? I really like this mod idea.

hey lucas i'm your fan cuz u make so good mods and i don't xD, could you pls translate the mods desc to english instead of french?