Paint & Brushes Mod

Published by Shadow179 on Sun, 07/11/2021 - 13:54
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This mod adds:

  • 16 paints
  • 16 paintbrushes with paint + 1 without paint
  • 3 new advancements
  • new recipes

Paintbrushes can be used to paint:

  • Wool
  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Powder
  • Terracotta
  • Glazed Terracotta
  • Shulker Boxes
  • Glass
  • More to come

Paintbrushes change the color of the entire block.

In creative mode paints can be found under the misc. tab and paintbrushes can be found under tools. Paints and paintbrushes can be crafted in survival mode. Paints are crafted using dye, clay, and water. Paints can be combined to form other colors. The paint color combinations aren't the same as the dye combinations:

  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Red + White = Pink
  • Orange + Black = Brown
  • Yellow + Blue = Green
  • Yellow + Green = Lime
  • Blue + Red = Purple
  • Blue + White = Light Blue
  • Light Blue + Green = Cyan
  • Purple + Pink = Magenta
  • White + Black = Gray
  • White + Gray = Light Gray
  • Red + Yellow + Blue = Gray
  • Orange + Green + Purple = Gray

Brushes are crafted using sticks and hay bales. Brushes can be combined with paint to form a useable paintbrush. Right click on a block while holding a paintbrush to paint it. Brushes will gradually run out of paint in survival mode. They can also be cleaned using a bucket of water.


8/16/2021 Wallpaper has been added!

  • 16 different colors of wallpaper
  • 2 new tools - Wallpaper Roller and Wallpaper Scraper

Wallpaper is crafted using 8 paper and 1 paint. Wallpaper Roller allows you to place wallpaper anywhere, including locations that are already occupied with things like beds, chests, and torches. It is crafted with 1 wood plank, 1 iron, and 2 sticks. To use the Wallpaper Roller, hold the wallpaper you want to apply in your off hand and the tool in your main hand.

The Wallpaper Scraper allows for easy removal of wallpaper. Alternatively, placing a full cube bock in front of the wallpaper will remove it. The Wallpaper scraper is crafted using 1 iron and 1 stick.

Currently wallpaper can only be placed on walls, not the ceiling or floor.

There are some minor glitches in this that will be fixed in a later update:

  • Wallpaper on the very edge of your vision sometimes turns invisible
  • Wallpaper has a minor bounding box issue that can push you slightly

Please let me know about any other issues, and feel free to leave requests in the comments below.

Modification files
Paint and Brushes Mod.8.16.2021.jar - Paint, Brushes, and WallpaperUploaded on: 08/16/2021 - 19:32   File size: 1.19 MB
Paint and Brushes Mod.7.11.jar - Paint and PaintbrushesUploaded on: 07/11/2021 - 14:22   File size: 344.32 KB

Wallpaper has been added!