Compact Storages

Published by DecryptX on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 15:26
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Hello! Decrypt is in touch and today I present to you a new mod, which is a remake of my old mod "Decrytech", but don't think that that's all. In the future you will find a huge mod that is a continuation of "Decrytech". For now, let's talk about Compact Storages.


"Compact Storages" - An incredibly convenient mod for those who do not want to spend 9 stacks of wood on chests and create something that will be much more convenient. This mod is something like the "Iron Chest" mod, but a little differently, since it adds not large storages, but special storages.
And I would like to introduce them to you:

  • Copper Storage Box - It's just a double chest in one block that doesn't require a free block above it. In fact, this is a barrel, but with an increased inventory.
  • Platinum Storage Box - It's just an enlarged shulker box. Or a barrel with an increased inventory and working like a shulker box.
  • And... Basket!!! - It's chest on pre-wood stage of game that can only store 16 items in one slot and if you break it you don't get it, you only get 3 sticks.


Well... That's is all about the storage boxes, now we proceed to the ores:


  • Copper Ore Usually spawns in slate on 0 - 64 height in groups by 1 - 16 blocks, but in stone it spawns on 0 - 40 height in groups by 1 - 5 blocks.
  • Platinum Ore - Usually spawns in stone on 0 - 8 height in groups by 1 - 8 blocks.
  • Redstone Alloy - Crafts from iron, redstone and copper.
  • Slate - It's not a ore. It's new stone type.


Well. That's all. The mod is pretty small, but I hope you like it and find it useful. And one more thing. Better play this mod with the "Just Enough Items" mod to know the recipes from this mod. Goodbye!



And if you find any bugs, then feel free to write in the comments.


Modification files
Compact_storages_v.1.0.jar - First version of the mod.Uploaded on: 01/29/2021 - 16:04   File size: 382.31 KB