Block'd Chests

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Have you ever wanted a simple, easy-to-use way to store your items in secret? Now you have one! 

This simple mod adds items called 'Chest Concealers' that can be crafted from the material that you would like the chest to be hidden as. Just crouch and right click on a chest while holding the concealer to hide it as a different block! Even if there are items already in the chest, they will be saved in the new, disguised chest!

You may be thinking, "But, isn't that overpowered?" No, as there are a few... differences from the normal block that can be used to distinguish between the two. This is just so that peoples' items don't get lost forever but are hidden safely. You'll have to see if you can find those differences when you're using the mod.

As of this moment, the mod is in beta and there is only one type of Block'd Chest. We are working on adding many more blocks, but for now, feel free to test the mod and give us some feedback in the comment section!

We greatly appreciate your support!


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