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Published by lt.wret on Fri, 09/09/2022 - 16:40
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Crafting recipe for Stew pot

By crafting the Stew pot you can combine herbs that you find by breaking grass to create stews that provide a multitude of effects. The most common herbs such as Basil, Sage & Parsley are mostly used in simple recipes such as EXP boosters, these make earning EXP for your skills easier and allows you to level up faster. You can press "G" at any time to view your skills, hover the mouse over each icon to see how to earn EXP for that skill and what levelling it up does. Skills are vanilla friendly and cross-compatible with other mods meaning this pack fits in with any mod-pack and doesn't ruin the balance of the Minecraft experience. Upon levelling up a chime will play as well as a chat pop-up to the player announcing the new level and its effects on their skills. The mod also runs on multiplayer and is compatible.

Stew pot GUI

The Stew pot has three input slots, the combination of items and order of the items all affect which stews are created - leaving a long list of recipes to be discovered. The Butchery skill grants a % (relative to the skills level) chance that when slaying an adult animal a prime cut of meat will be dropped, by cooking this the food will provide absorption but by stewing it further the stew of Vitality will provide the player with additional hearts, by combining the stew with an additional meat (from another animal) the stew of Vitality will provide even more hearts, this can be done up to 6 additional hearts.

For further information about recipes see below:


Villagers can also trades herbs and completed Stews can be sold back to some villagers for Emeralds (Farmers only)

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Credit to my girlfriend for texturing the herbs in the mod (issyflower)
Made with MCreator


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