Hatched Mobs

Published by JJ377 on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 05:43
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This mod aims to make certain mobs more farmable by adding balanced crafting recipes for spawners and spawn eggs.

It is highly recommended you use JEI for the recipes.

Start by finding soul ore in the nether, which drops a crystalized soul, which can be used to craft a soul gem.

c=crystalized soul


c   c   c

c   d   c

c   c   c

Then you can use both items to make a Blank Spawn Egg.


s=soul gem

c   e   c

e   s   e

c   e   c

Some mobs need advanced spawn eggs.

b=blank spawn egg

c   s   c

s   b   s

c   s   c

You can also craft a mob spawner.

i=iron block

a=advanced spawn egg

i    s    i

s   a   s

i    s    i

You can find the 1.15 version here

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