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Serves as a more immersive way to get information about your world. This mod works great in conjunction with Pixelmon.
Introduces 5 new informational items that merely only need to be in your inventory to function. Adds functionality to 3 vanilla items as well.
May be inspired by Terraria's informational accessories. Provides information in a helpful and immersive fashion.

All recipes can be found here.


>Check the changelog. Images updated with new items, blocks, and recipes!


>The Soul Mirror will only teleport the user home if you have slept at a bed. If you haven't, you're out of luck.
>The information overlays can now be toggled. The default hotkey is 'O'.

What has changed? (1.0 content and earlier below)
>The addition of the Calendar, which counts how many days you have been on your adventure. Useful for dating your journal entries in your Book and Quill. [Measured in days.]

>Simply having a Compass in your inventory will now show your coordinates in the cardinal directions: North, South, East and West. This serves as a more immersive way to log coordinates. [Measured in meters. (1 m = 1 block)]

>The addition of the Depth Gauge, which determines your altitude based on the sea level of the dimension:

  • In the Overworld, the Depth Gauge uses a sea level of 63 as a reference point.
  • In the Nether, the Depth Gauge uses the lava sea level of 32 as a reference point.
  • In the End, the Depth Gauge simply uses the void (0) as a reference point.

In addition to providing altitude, a contextual parenthesis will be provided for people who do not understand the readings. [Measured in meters.]

>Simply having a Clock in your inventory will now show you the time in digital format on your screen. You heard me right. No more trying to interpret the ridiculous Minecraft clock; it is now coordinated to a 24 hour schedule down to the minute. [Measured in hours and minutes.]

>The addition of the Sextant, which displays the current day's Moon Phase. (For reference, each day starts at exactly 6 A.M. on the clock.)
Never miss another day of bountiful slime hunting with this handy tool.

>The addition of the Thermometer, which displays the biome you are currently in as well as a Temperature with a Fahrenheit reading. Once again, context parentheses are provided for people who do not understand the units. (Biomes are categorized into either Snowy, Cold, Medium, and Warm based on the wiki.) [Measured in Degrees Fahrenheit.]
>The addition of the Weather Radio, which displays the current weather. It's readings always follow this list of priorities:

  1. Thunderstorms (Means that the time is ripe to hunt charged creepers and gather skulls.)
  2. Cloudy (Indicates that it is raining but not in the Desert biome the player is currently in.)
  3. Snowy (Indicates that it is raining but it has turned to snow due to low temperatures where the player is.)
  4. Raining (Indicates that it is raining.)
  5. Clear (Sunlight.)

>Simply having a Spider Eye in your inventory can allow the player to track light levels in caves with it's photoreceptive reactions to the light.
15 is the highest possible while 0 is complete darkness. Useful for determining the likelihood of mob spawning in an area. [Measured in lumens.]

>The PDA combines all of these tools into one item so that your inventory doesn't have to be cluttered to benefit from all of the mod's tools.

Modification files
InfoTools.jar - Version 1.1 (Minecraft 1.12.2)103.29 KB

Version 1.0

  • Mod created. Added Calendar, Sextant, Thermometer, Weather Radio and their overlays.
  • Added new overlays for the Compass, Clock and Spider Eye.

Version 1.1
  • Added Soul Glass, a new decorative block from smelting Soul Sand.
  • Added Soul Mirror, a teleportation item that returns the user home on right-click. Made with 4 Gold Ingots, 4 Soul Glass, and 1 Ender Pearl.
  • Added Smartphone, which combines the functions of the PDA and the Soul Mirror. Crafted with both together, shapeless recipe.
  • Added a hotkey to toggle the on-screen information. Default key is O.

Really good idea and awesome textures. This mod has a big potential.