The very miscellaneous mod by Sigisbert

Published by Sigisbert on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 18:01
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This mod contains various objects, ranging from plants to barrels. I am not a very experienced nor very good moder, hence, I do not know if there will be future versions. If however you have suggestions and remarks, they are welcomed. It is in French, and I do not know how to translate it nor if I would have the time to do it. Anyways, you should find out by yourself what it has to offer and I will try to be as accessible as possible to answer your questions. Before I end, I have one recomendation, which is, when you use the barrel, do not have at the same time in your inventory wheat and grape at the same time. 



1.1.0: I have added some objects and a biome containing olive tres and other things.

To be precise: - a sort of dirt to make bricks and blocks.

-A boar mob that drops horns that make sounds.

- A beehive, which drops honey that can be used to brew hydromel.

-Rice crops.


-A grindstone to make oil.

-Some tolos made of bronze and copper.

-An inquisitor to chase down witches.

Sadly, I believe you will not be able to make this new versión work with saves from the last one.