Foodie Mod

Submitted by znepb on Sun, 01/13/2019 - 00:07
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Hello everyone! This is my first mod on my (new) account! I spent a lot of time making this mod and tried to perfect it to the best of my abilities.

The mod adds the Grinder, Ingredient Compounder, Oven, Toaster, and Cutting Board for blocks. If you want to see all the items in this mod, visit the wiki.

Check the mod's page on my website for pre-releases and snapshots. (

Let me know in the comments of this post if you like the mod, and if you have any suggestions. I will update the textures in the future, they aren't very good right now. Let me know what you think of the textures!

What might be coming soon:


+Add more items (suggested items, mostly)

*Texture overhaul

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Changelog key:

  • + New
  • - Removed
  • * Changed
  • @ Bug Fix


* Changed berry bush & berry texture

@ Fixed broken file


+ Initial release

Modification download files

Nice mod :)
PS: can you change the texture of that bush in the second image?