Ego's Many Tweaks

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Ego's Many Additions (v1.8.6)

This is my first mod! Ego's Many Additions, or Ego's Many Tweaks, is a mod with the intent to help Minecraft make sense (sort of.) There's not realistic gravity or anything, there are many new FOODS, COMMANDS, ITEMS, MOBS, BLOCKS, and new ORES! Most features are below. I recommend you get a mod like JustEnoughItems to see the recipes! Here we go:


New Ores:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Ore

Rose Quartz is an ore that I have always liked in other mods just because of the color. This spawns in three biomes, one of which is custom: the Overgrowth biome.

RQ Ore, Block, and Slab

Here are the Ore, Full Block, and Slab variants. Stairs are currently broken in MCreator, but if they get fixed I will add them!

Full Set

The armor uses custom models provided by MCreator which I think fit Rose Quartz more. The tools and armor are better than iron and a little worse than diamond.

Full Picture



It uses the same custom models and tool models as Rose Quartz. (Has same tools and the full block)



Emerald Tools

Emerald Tools

Emerald isn't technically a new ore, but I've added Emerald armor and tools. They're slightly less powerful than diamond!

Emerald Full Picture


New Combat:

Reinforced Sword and Battle Axe

Combat Reimagined I think

Both of these powerhouses do 10 damage per hit with differing attack speeds. They're very simple to craft too.



Fried Egg

Fried Egg

This is a food that so many people have wanted added into Minecraft. It just makes sense!




Yes, you heard that right. Bacon in Minecraft with a Crisp variant too! Just think of the possibilities.




They spawn in Jungles and Savannas. You can melt them and make Banana Bread!

Bananay Bread




When I went around asking what people wanted to see in Minecraft, one of the most suggested things was the Sandwich. 




Limestone wasn't put into ores since armor and tools can't be made out of it, but bricks can! Here's limestone:

Limestone "Ore" with drop

Limestone can be crafted into bricks, and when Limestone Bricks are combined with normal bricks, you make Mixed Bricks.

Yes I took Grian's idea

And, if you craft limestone bricks, normal bricks, and nether bricks together, you get Aged Bricks!

Aged Bricks


Bone Ore

Includes a version for the Nether! Drops 2 bones.

Bone Ore


Nether Brick Pillar/Chiseled Nether Brick

Nether Brick Pillar/Chiseled Brick



The Sulfur block with Sulfur Dust! Spawns in the Nether and works in the recipe for TNT.





Chain is made from iron bars. It can make Chainmail Armor! A real recipe for the armor is finally available!



Lapis Dust/Apple of Fulfillment

Lapis Dust is made from simple lapis ore, and when crafted with a golden apple, makes the Apple of Fulfillment! This apple completely fills your hunger bar back to normal.

Lapis Dust/AppleOfFulfillment





The Pigshroom! Mooshrooms have companions now! The name is not too creative.




My personal favorite, the Explorer! They spawn in just about every biome excluding other dimensions and rare biomes. You can trade with them, but the trader is random every time you find a new one!


Berkshire Pig

Berkshire Pig





Wither Zombie

Wither Zombie


Cold Zombie

Cold Zombiee

The cold zombie spawns in ice biomes and snowy biomes. He makes a slightly deeper noise than normal zombies and wears cold protective gear!




Spawns in the Desert! Spooky ain't he?


New Biomes:

Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest





High Mountains

High Mountains Biome



This mod adds new recipes to most of the uncraftable items in Minecraft, like Saddles, horse armor, enchanted golden apples, mossy cobblestone, and nametags.

Saddle RecipeRecipes for all horse armors are includedEnchanted Golden Apple RecipeMossy Cobblestone Recipe


New Commands:
/setspawn > Sets current point to spawn
/killrandom > Kills a random player
/killplayers > Kills all players, not everything
/extinguish > Puts you out when on fire
/feed > Fills up hunger bar
/heal > Fills up health bar
/vanish, /v > Makes you invisible
/unvanish, /uv > Makes you visible again
/milk > Removes all potion effects from yourself
/gms, /gmc, /gmsp, /gma, /gm0, /gm1, /gm2, /gm3 > Classic gamemode commands
/allsurvival, /allcreative, /allspectator, /alladventure > Changes every player's gamemode



Full Picture


Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
EgosManyTweaks1.12_12.jar - Ego's Many Tweaks 1.12.2 Download (v1.8.6)736.2 KB
JustEgo'sCommands1.12.jar - Commands Only (Just the Mod's Commands)117.33 KB
JustEgo'sRecipes.jar - Recipes Only (Just the Mod's Recipes)18.22 KB

  • First release!

  • Added Aged Bricks and added 3 separate recipes for the Battle Axe.
  • Introduced slabs for all the new brick types.
  • Added Sapphire Ore and all the tools and armor along with it.
  • Created a new mob, the Mummy.

  • Renamed and retextured the Lockbox to the Crate!
  • Changed the Crate's GUI
  • Lowered how powerful emerald tools and armor are from RaolTheBest's suggestions.
  • Fixed the texture of the Mummy

  • Temporarily removed the Slab variants of the new bricks and Sapphire because they're broken for some reason
  • Changed the texture resolution of the Crate to 16x16
  • Lowered the movement speed of the Berkshire Pig and changed its texture.
  • Added a bunch of new commands! See the bottom of the description for details.

  • Added tons of new commands!
  • Adjusted the spawnrate of Limestone, Sulfur, Sapphire Ore, Nether Bone Ore, Bone Ore, and Nether Gold to be higher.
  • Removed the Crate image in the Crate's inventory and added 18 more slots to it.
  • Removed Clear Glass because MCreator doesn't let me remove block shadows.
  • Made the eating speed of Wild Berries slower and changed its effect to poison.
  • Added Enderium, a liquid that spawns in lakes in the End dimension. Cannot be collected with a bucket, and gives a little surprise when stepped on!

  • Added a recipe for the nametag! Not overpowered, it just names animals.
  • Added another download option of just the mod's commands.
  • Made Berkshire Pigs faster.
  • Added Andesite, Diorite, and Granite Pillars! With the same recipe as quartz pillars.

  • Changed the texture of Wild Berry Plants to be a million times better!

  • Added a download option for just the mod's crafting recipes
  • Following crispy_chips1234's great suggestions, added the Zombie Cowman as another Nether enemy! These guys actually attack on sight, but they still group around you if you hit one of them.

Good mod and description :)
I like mods that improve vanilla, however I think that Emerald tools and armor should be weaker than Diamond, because while Emeralds are rarer than Diamonds in the caves, they are a lot more common if you found a Village (just trade some paper to get a lot of emeralds).
Also, I think the Apple of Fullfillment is OP, especially when used in combat. If you don't want to remove it you could add a cooldown or another limit to it.

Alright, I've made the changes, emerald is now weaker than diamond and I fixed the Apple of Fulfillment so it now just fills up the hunger bar to full, not health anymore