Lantern On A Stick

Published by Metalslugs on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 20:11
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Yes! it is a lantern on a stick! finally a handheld light source in Minecraft. Completed with durability, crafting recipes and more!

- Lantern on a stick texture and model.
- Movable in-game handheld light source.
- 2 crafting recipes on how to obtain the item in survival.
- Light is blocked while inside blocks such as water and tallgrass.
- Repair/Replanish the lantern on a stick with coal or charcoal.
-Broken lantern on a stick is indicated by a texture difference.
-Works in your offhand

Planned Features:
- mobs holding the lantern on a stick provide light.
- enchantments for the lantern on a stick.

Known Issues:
- Lighting glitches on the client-side.

Modification files
LanternOnAStick.jar - Hand-held light source42.62 KB

visit for a demo video.

First of all, I made a new kind of air block, one that emits light. Then I replaced the air the player stands in with this new light block if the player is holding the item. Lastly, I made a procedure that describes the light block disappearing after a tick or two.