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Spelunking Bags is a mod inspired by Wandering Bags, adding loot bags left by ancient miners, rarely obtained when mining, and giving you interesting items for your cave exploration ! Each bag will give you a Relic, and a small chance to get an additional item. This mod aims to reward players mining instead of only breaking visible ores, and make mining sessions more interesting.

The mod adds 3 bags, looted when mining vanilla stones (by default), with each a global rarity (the probability to get them in any biome) and a special biome rarity (the probability to get a specific bag more frequently in biomes tagged as more likely to spawn bags). By default, the most common bag is the Miner's Tools Bag, found more frequently in the "Forest" biome. The Miner's Plants Bag is a bit rarer, and found more frequently in "Lush Caves". Finally, the Miner's Treasures Bag is the rarest, found mainly in "Dripstone Caves". 

Each bag can give you one of its 4 unique relics, as well as an extra gift (a few Iron Ingots for the Tool Bag, Glow Berries for the Plants Bag, Disc Fragments for the "Rascal" Music Disc in the Treasure Bag). Each relic can be removed with the config file, and players will instead obtain more extra gifts, and you can simply set a Bag spawning probabilities to 0 to fully remove it.
The rarity of each bag can be fully configured with the mod's config file, and the list of blocks dropping each bag, as well as "extra spawning biomes" can be modified by data packs

Miner's Tools Bag

- Sword of The Depths This sword will display the Altitude in your action bar (can be removed with the doSwordOfTheDepthsAltitudeDisplay gamerule), as well as a "strength" bar. This sword is by default pretty weak, but the deeper you are, the stronger strength effect you'll get. It's also pretty effective in the Nether, and using it in the End or high in the sky will give you multiple debuffs. It can be repaired with Netherite Scraps.
- Fiery PickaxeThis Pickaxe will smelt broken blocks, and burn entities. It can be repaired with Netherite Scraps.
- Sharp iron PickaxeThis Pickaxe is a regular iron pickaxe but dealing more damage, and with a specific cooldown, making it a great PvP-PvE weapon (between swords and axes). It can be upgraded up to Netherite.
- Climbing Axe : This item can be used to climb walls. You need to stick to the wall, and target above the block in front of you, and you'll be able to climb. Take your time, don't spam or hold right-click, or you won't be able to climb in the most optimal way, and eventually fall.

Miner's Plants Bag

- Glowing Spores : This plant can be consumed or brewed to obtain a new potion effect, Luminous Spores. This effect will place glowing vines at your feet at the cost of some saturation (if you have enough saturation) when standing in a too dark place, allowing you to light up your path without doing anything, or to avoid using ugly torches grids in caves.
- Strange Root : This root can be used in a Brewing Stand to obtain "Miner's Brew" bottles. This drink can give you random buffs or debuffs.
- Yellow Mushroom : This mushroom can be eaten or brewed to obtain the Haste effect without using a Beacon, but only Haste I potions.
- Ancient SeedThis seed can only be planted on moss, don't require light or water, and can't be bone-mealed. Once fully grown, it'll give an Ancient Berry, and have 1/2 chance of giving a Seed, making the plant non-infinitely renewable. Ancient Berries will give you the Poisonous effect, making you immune to Poison, and any entity you'll hit or hitting you will get a few seconds of poison.

Miner's Treasures Bag

- Broken Clock : This item is used like a Totem of Undying. On death, it'll be consumed, and the player will get a "Death Delay" of 15 seconds (configurable with the gamerule brokenClockDelay), during which he is almost invincible, allowing him to save its stuff when falling in lava or can be used as a strategy to defeat powerful enemies.
- Bat Talisman : This talisman can be used to apply glowing to nearby monsters, as well as weakening them, which can be useful to locate monsters or caves. It can also be brewed into a Sonar Potion, constantly giving Glowing to monsters.
- Golden Cube : This relic can be used to fully repair any item with a durability. Simply put it in one hand, the item to repair in the other, and sneak-right click. The Cube will be consumed in the process.
- Spider Amulet : This item can summon a friendly spider, defending you from monsters. The spider will get a Poisonous effect when hit.

The mod also adds an incredible music disc by RedWolfNinja

Wait, this mod is made with Mcreator ?
→ Yes, it's mainly made with Mcreator, but there is no impact on the actual gameplay, and some stuff was made with custom code

You can put Spelunking Bags in your modpacks. You can also give me suggestions / ideas in the comments. 

Modification files
SpelunkingBags1.18_V1.0.1.jar - - Fixed Climbing Axe durability loss in Creative ModeUploaded on: 01/03/2023 - 20:49   File size: 2.12 MB
SpelunkingBags1.19_V1.0.1.jar - - Fixed Climbing Axe durability loss in Creative ModeUploaded on: 01/03/2023 - 20:49   File size: 2.12 MB
SpelunkingBags1.18_V1.0.2.jar - - Added zn_ch translationUploaded on: 01/22/2023 - 08:58   File size: 2.12 MB
SpelunkingBags1.19_V1.0.2.jar - - Added zn_ch translationUploaded on: 01/22/2023 - 08:59   File size: 2.12 MB

Fantastic mod, even without trying it it seems to me a fantastic mod; I wish I knew how to create such beautiful and unique things.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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