Builder's Boots MOD (Final Update!)

Published by akaishiya on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 12:09
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This is my first mod! Please write comment of points to be improved!

This mod adds boots that can place scaffolds.
Because of something, I cannot add pictures in description. 
First,"Builder's boots"
This boots place scaffolds under you. When you sneak,they break scaffold under you. So you can go down.
They needs the next scaffolds.
It will break and return to player after about 10 sec. 
Third,"Creative boots"
It has no recipe for crafting.Only creative mode.
It does not need any scaffolds.
Creative scaffold is a replaceable block,so you can set block at the same position.
<In-game language support>
<About Workspace data>
I hand out you my workspace data because I want you to understand about procedure system and create awesome mods with MCreator.
Please download it and use free.

Caution! Do not use both of boots at position X=-0 or Y=-0.
May be this is a bug,but I cannot fix it because "-0" is a number that cannot be specified.

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Builder's_Boots_1.2.0_for_1.14.4.jar - This is modification file for 1.14.474.59 KB - This is workspace file for 1.14.479.66 KB
Builder's_Boots_1.2.0_for_1.12.2.jar - This is modification file for KB - This is workspace file for KB

v1.2.0 - Remove command element for debug
             Convert to version 1.14.4

v1.1.0 - Fix behavior of scaffolds

Thank you!
I want to add pictures to the description, so can you tell me what image upload site you are using?

Good mod :)
I don't get what do you mean with - 0, but you could just check for that value if it happens and replace it with a 0