Builder's Boots MOD (with Workspace data!)

Published by akaishiya on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 12:09
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This is my first mod! Please write comment of points to be improved!

This mod adds boots that can place scaffolds.

In-game language support: English,Japanese

First,"Builder's boots"
Building scaffolds!
Crafting recipe here:
This is recipe for "Builder's boots"This boots place scaffolds under you. When you sneak,break scaffold under you. So you can go down.
It needs the next scaffolds.
Crafting recipe here:
This is recipe for "scaffold"It will break and return to player after about 10 sec. Right-click on it to break it,too.

Second,"Creative boots"
Building scaffolds in creative mode!
It has no recipe for crafting.Only creative mode.
It does not need any scaffolds.
Creative scaffold is a replaceble block,so you can set block at the same position.

Caution! Do not use both of boots at position X=-0 or Y=-0.
May be this is a bug,but I cannot fix it because "-0" is a number that cannot be specified.

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Builder's Boots 1.1.0_0.jar - This is the latest version74.15 KB - Workspace here68.08 KB

Thank you!
I want to add pictures to the description, so can you tell me what image upload site you are using?