More Coal Mod

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I'm going to tell you hou to use the More Coal Mod!

The first thing you need to do is mine some wood. Then make a Smelting can using this recipe:

P - Planks

S - Wooden slab

N - Nothing


S    N    S

S    S    S

P    S    P

Then make a Big stick stack. To do this you need to make 16 Small stick stacks, then using them make 4 Medium stick stacks and using them make 1 Big stick stack.

After this just place the Smelting can, place the Big stick stack on it and ignite the block under the Smelting can. After 40 seconds, if the block under it is fire, it will turn into Smelting can with coal, right click on it and you have 9 Coal (8 from wood you used+1 bonus).

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