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Hello! I'm coming out with another mod after the Trash bin mod called, well, the Transportation mod! I originally was going to call this the Adventure mod, but decided that Transport mod was better. Anyways, This mod was made as a way for players to get around more and help with traveling. I'll explain some of the more complicated and simple ones. Starting with simpler.

The first is ridebow, which you just hold and shoot.

The next is grapplehook, which is the same, but with extra power. Both need arrows

The third is piston boots, put em on and you'll get a one block jump boost and take no fall damage.

The fourth is jetboosters. Hold it in your hand to start flying up. Let go to fall again. This only works in your main hand, not second hand.

The fifth is floater. As long as you have it in your inventory, you will fall extremely slowly.

I'll add more as i add more items.

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Nice mod :0, a floater I need those in every game with fall damage!

Nice mod :)
If you tried to add GIFs to the images tab, they aren't working because you can only add them (and keep them animated) in the description. You can post the images to an external website then copy their link and add them using the Add Image function.

Submitted by Furti on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 10:39

Very good idea
Nice Mod