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Published by Mathibus on Sat, 06/27/2020 - 09:34
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 Advanced traps is a mod that adds advanced booby traps with individual strengths and different stats: the majority of the traps present in this mod are "programmable" thanks to a modulation key ...

you can choose the trigger type among the 3 currently available:    

•Trigger by a mob    

•Trigger by a player    

•Trigger by redstone

Each trap has different stats:

•number of damage

•duration of damage before reactivation

•number of activation before destruction *

(* the traps have a number of own use, arrived at 0, it destroys!, you can know the remaining number of use as well as the trigger mod saved by right clicking with nothing in the hand on the trap)





* Number of times the trap can be triggered before destruction
** Damage time before losing 1 durability (10 damage periodicity = 1 amount of damage taken)
(Exemple :woonden pick trap have 02 damage for 50 periodicity , amount of damage in a period= (50/10)*2=10 damage in one durability)


   • Barded wire: damage: 01 durability *: Spe: slowed down strongly

   • Wooden pick trap: damage: 02 durability: 30 damage periodicity **: 50 Spe: No

   • iron trap: damage: 04 durability: 150 damage frequency: 70 Spe: No

   • ice trap: damage: 02 durability: 150 damage periodicity: 20 Spe: freezes the target [slowness effect lv3 and weakness effect lv5] (the effects last a few seconds after coming out of the trap)

   • toxic trap: damage: 02 durability: 80 damage frequency: 30 Spe: poisons the target [poison effect lv2, slowness effect lv2 and weakness effect lv1, possible nausea]

   • propoller: Spe1: makes it fly up  Spe2: brings down gently  Spe3: ejects violently into the air and gently descend 

   • dash block: Spe: dramatically boost our speed for a short time

   • health regeneration block: durability: 50 Spe: instantly regenerates all of our hp

   • gold health regeneration block: durability: 50 Spe: instantly regenerates and multiplies all of our hp








 • New interface for key modulation with new options to do more with redstone!
New options:
      - trigger by mob and player
      - must be powered by the redstone to work (yes or no)
 • Change of the crafts of the blocks, (I know that the crafts are not displayed but I would find a way to communicate them to you)


 • Propeller: choose with key modulation the way it will work:
     -air up mod: hot air making you go up
     -air down mod: cold air gently bringing you down
     -air pulse mod: You eject violently into the air and make you fall gently

 • Dash block: considerably increases your speed during a short moment

 • Health regeneration block: instantly regenerates your entire life

 • Gold Health regeneration block: regenerates and dramatically increases your life for a period of time

Well, I can totally do that! at the beginning this is what the traps were doing but I told myself that it was not great for traps like that ... so I made sure that it did not trigger anymore because of the items. update that will happen I don't know when, reload traps will be installed and I have planned to be able to deactivate them thanks to an item (which by the way will be destroyed) ... after maybe you wanted an option for say "trigger by items", if that's it ... I may not be sure I can implement it but I could make "trigger by everything": D

i love this!
can you add a little bit more in the description, though? what does the ice trap do, and stuff like that

A future update of Advanced traps is in the process of development, it will modify the crafts, possibly add new traps and especially will change the behavior of the traps notably by offering a more complete interface and with more options (and by correcting translation errors )