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Goblins Community! Adds Goblins Villagers, that can spawn in Villages, you can trade with them by clicking on them with Iron Ingot in your inventory!
It also adds some Goblins that are spawning outside the Village, like Wild Goblin that is scary to other Goblins.

Other Goblins will fear two types of Goblins, Wild Goblins and Zombie Goblins!

Wild Goblins will attack any other Goblin any time they see one, unless its a Zombie Goblin, they are afraid of them too!

Zombie Goblins will attack any other Goblin, and convert them into Zombie Goblins if they kill them.
Wild Goblin
Goblin Villages are types of structures where Goblins can spawn, some Goblins can spawn only in the Village!

Types of Goblins that can spawn only in the Village:
-Goblin Villager
-Goblin Bomber
-Goblin Archer
-Goblin Miner
-Goblin Lumberjack
-Goblin Warrior

Neutral types that spawn outside the Village:
-Wondering Goblin
-Goblin Hunter

Hostile towards other Goblins:
-Wild Goblin
-Zombie Goblin (they are the only one Goblin that is hostile toward players too!)

Goblins wont attack you until you attack them first, unless its a Zombie Goblin, it will be always hostile!

Different types of Goblins have different trades, you can even buy special items like Goblin Bombs!

All Goblins othet then Zombie Goblin are neutral, meaning that they wont attack you untill you attack them first!

Goblins CAN be tamed, but they lose their trades when tamed, they can be tamed with Berries!

Wild Goblins, Wondering Goblins and Hunter Goblins can't be tamed.

Structures that this mod adds:
-Plains Village in Plains
-Spruce Village in Spruce forest
-Birch Village in Birch Forest
-Hunter Goblin tent, can spawn anywhere

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My discord: discord.gg/YthyRs9U7A

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First upload!

Voted For MOTW, Since Every Mod Of Yours Gets MOTW, I Think That This Mod Should Not Be Different From Your Other Mods, Besides This Mod Would Stand Out As The Only Mod Of Yours That Has Not Won MOTW, It Would Stand Out As The Failing Mod, And That Is Why I Voted Goblins Community For MOTW, Thanks For Coming To My SuperNolax Talk.