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Published by Geroan on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 19:47
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Hello Guys! I'm bringing my first mod for MCreator! This Mod Is Called Heart Gems!

This mod adds two new heart items to regenerate or heal your life in minecraft. (This mod is in beta version, is not complete, very simple mod)!

You can craft all the items on the Workbench using redstones,redstones blocks, and golds nuggets!

The first Item is the Heart Gem, by right-clicking the item in hand, will heal 2 hearts of his life in minecraft!

Image For The Item Recipe :


And When you have a heart gem in your inventory, you can undo it burning in the furnace and you will receive 1 redstone back :


The second item is the golden heart, by clicking with the right mouse button with the item in hand, you will receive the regeneration effect 3 for 10 seconds! You can do so using the previous item is the heart gem and gold nuggets!

Image For The Item Recipe :


And When you have the golden heart in the inventory, you can undo it burning in the furnace and you will receive the heart gem back except their gold nuggets :


Well folks ... This was the description of my mod Heart Gems! I hope you enjoyed, remembering that the mod is in beta, that is, it's not all complete, soon I'll post updates of the mod, this is a very simple mod, will help a lot in their battles in minecraft. So that's it, thanks!

(All the description was translated into English using online translators, the description may not be 100% correct, sorry for the mistakes, because I'm not very good in English!)








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