ExtraCommands Mod (/gmc... /day...)

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This Mod Is a Simple ExtraCommands Mod That Adds Some Easy Short Commands:

This Mod Is Server Compatible (You Need To Be Oped On The Server To Use The ExtraCommands)

Commands Available In Latest Version Of The Mod:

/gmc  - Set Gamemode Creative

/gms  - Set Gamemode Survival

/gma  - Set Gamemode Adventure

/gmsp - Set Gamemode Spectator

/day   - Set Time Day

/night - Set Time Night

/getpos - Get Your Current Cords


Planned Releases:

-EC Version 0.4: /heal and /feed

Past Releases:

-EC Version 0.3: Added /getpos (Example Of Chat Message: ExtraCommands: Your Current Cords Are X Y Z), Also Mod Is Tested On a Vanila Server And On A Spigot Server And Is Fully Compatible

-EC Version 0.2: Added Inchat Messages For Commands (Ex: ExtraCommands: Your Gamemode Has Been Set To Creative)

-EC Version 0.1: Mod Is Made And Uploaded To MCreator With 6 Commands (/gmc /gms /gma /gmsp /day /night) 


Modification files
ExtraCommands_0.1.jar - EC Version 0.1Uploaded on: 07/18/2016 - 13:53   File size: 22.66 KB
ExtraCommands_0.2.jar - EC Version 0.2Uploaded on: 07/18/2016 - 13:53   File size: 23.26 KB
ExtraCommands_0.3.jar - EC Version 0.3Uploaded on: 07/18/2016 - 13:53   File size: 26.08 KB


/feed : Refills hunger bar
/heal : Heals health (and hunger if you want)
/lightning : Strikes a lightning bolt
/vanish : Turns you invisible
/waste : Deletes held item
/rush : Gives Speed III ability for 15 seconds if you have a clock in the inventory. Has cool down.