Tnt_Renewed Mod

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Do you just love blowing things up, whether you just like them blowing up, or you want to prank your friends? Then look no farther than the Tnt_Renewed Mod. This mod includes 22 new Tnt's! (Unless I feel like adding more in the future) This mod includes Tnt's for everyone, whether you want a somewhat easy way to get resources, or if you want to prank, this mod has it all (or at least most of it).

Includes 22 new Tnt's such as: the Fire Tnt, the Ice Tnt, the Lightning Tnt, the Animal Tnt, the Hostile Mob Tnt, the Light Tnt, the Tsunami Tnt, the Lava Wave Tnt, the Resources Tnt, the Split Tnt, the Creeper Troll Tnt, as well as all Tnt's for all the armor types, the House Tnt, the Mega Split Tnt, the Mega Tnt, the Super Tnt, the Digger Tnt, and the Driller Tnt.

Includes 22 new Tnt Launchers for each of the Tnt's. (Forgive me for the terrible texturing, I am not an artist. Will most likely be fixing them soon)

Includes 2 new edibles such as the Explosive Apple, and the Explosive Potion (The drinkable and throwable potions last for three minutes, the lingering lasts for 45 seconds. Will blow you up after the timer runs out).

Includes the Exploding Fern, will explode when you or anything else including thrown items touches it.

If you have any questions for anything including the recipes (if the picture doesn't load, or if you just can't tell) then feel free to ask.

Will be remaking the tsunami tnt and the lava wave tnt.

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Cool stuff, but this mod has been done lots of times before. I like how you added new stuff like the Tnt launchers, but still kind of an over-made mod. Otherwise looks pretty cool.

Good mod :)
I remember the times when griefing mods like this were popular (not just in MCreator)...

Hello. I have a question. How did you make the tnt variants? I'm going to add two tnts to my mod but idk how to do it.