Harmony: A journey for a better earth

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                     MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 

                                            This mod has been created with passion for the "MCreator x CurseForge" ModJam

                                            in order to spread awarness for earth sustainability projects.

                                            We hope that judges will have fun reviewing our mod and we wish a good luck for 

                                            other ModJam participants.  


                                            Participant in The Sustainability Project – MCreator x CurseForge ModJam” ♻️




                     Mod introduction 📜

                                            Save the earth from ocean pollution, poachers, food shortage, non-ecological energy and save

                                            animals that are dying out with harmony's machines and tools.  Our mod provides all the things 

                                            that are needed for making earth a better place. Lets take an inspiration from the mod and grab  

                                            it to another level. By staying ecologic together we can make a difference. 





                   Trash 🗑️


                                            As our mod tries to fix the world's biggest problem which is pollution, we also try to show the reality by

                                            adding trash piles full of junk which the players need to clean up. You can do it by hand or with special

                                            trash grabber. Picking up junk from trash piles is the first step in our mod. By doing it, you can get

                                            important items which you will need in the future. Trash piles can be found on beaches or

                                            near them floating on water.





                    Recycler ♻️       


                                            When you ever consider if you should recycle junk at your home, DO IT! It will not only take 5 seconds of

                                            your life but it will benefit you a lot in the future. Our mod works very similar, if you find any trash piles

                                            scattered around the world, take the trash with you and bring it to the recycler. There you can convert

                                            it into valuable resources, and also get recycled plastic which is needed for many things later in the mod



                   Biofuel ⛽


                                           As we know fossil fuels are very harmful to the environment and not immense, Harmony has a alternative

                                           for them! You can find Algea plants scattered all over the overworld ocean. Pick them up and try to grow

                                           them yourself by putting them back on water in order to have an infinite amount of algea or dry them up

                                           on sand or in a furnace to make an very useful Biofuel which all machines need in order to work normally.



                  Cleaners 🦾


                                       If you have progressed far enough in our mod then you can fully automize the trash-picking process by using

                                       our Earth and Ocean Cleaners and powering them with Algea Biofuel. Earth cleaners have to be placed on

                                       dirt/grass blocks and Ocean cleaners have to be placed in water. 




                  Metal Detector & Treasures 🗝️



                                       Metal detector in combination with a sonar let's you feel like a real treasure hunter. Sonar locates nearby

                                       treasures and makes 3 little sounds when it locates one in a range of 10 blocks. Then you can click with

                                       your metal detector to locate the exact position of the signal. By doing this, you're not only getting some

                                       nice items but also cleaning earth from trash that humans buried in the ground.







                  Wall-U Cleaning Robots 🤖



                                       Wall-U Robots are harmony's mascots, not only because they're cute but also very helpful for the world.

                                       Robots overall will save our planet's future. for example solar panel powered boat robots 

                                       owned by #TeamSeas which clean the ocean every day. Wall-U robots need to be powered by ecologic 

                                       biofuel and will pick up trash and immediately recycle it. They basically replace cleaners and recyclers 








                  Eco-friendly foods 🍑 



                                      The are food shortages in many places in the world. Our mod tries to fix this problem by adding 

                                      ecologic and vegan foods in to the game. Meat production is very harmful for the environment, 

                                       produces lots of pollution and toxic waste. Our mod provides an ecological alternative which

                                       is vegan meat created from tofu, tofu itself and crickets. 


                                       Crickets can be found in grass or farmed in the "Cricket farm" block by putting wheat or seeds inside. 

                                       Crickets can also be turned into "Cricket protein bar" or "Algea cricket protein bar".






                   Revive station 🧬



                                        Unfortunately science is not advanced enough yet to bring back extinct animals. But our mod changes that

                                        by adding a special Revive station. Bring back to life animals like Dodo or Tasmanian Wolf by finding their

                                        Bones with a metal detector. Put them into the station and you will get special revive items. 



                Rescue Animals 🦀


                                      Animals are very important on our planet but unfortunately humans are polluting their natural habitat.

                                      In Harmony your goal is to save animals in need and get an reward for it. We highly advise you to 

                                      do the same in the real world as animals are not toys. 




                                       Someone threw a metal can out into the ocean and a Crab uses it as a shell which 

                                       is not good for him because he damages himself by putting it on. Save him and 

                                       listen to some shants by clicking with a sponge on him!




                                       A duck got stuck in the oil spill, She will most likely die if no ones gonna help her. It's all in your hands.




                                       A Raccoon got infected with Rabbies, make a special vaccine and save him before it's too late!



                                        Pouchers caught a Dolphin in a net, Save him before he gets on someone's plate 

                                        and collect a reward.



                 The Junkman 👹


                                       Junkman is the only boss in Harmony mod. To summon him you will need all 3 totems.

                                       If you combine all 3 in a Crafting Table you will get an Summoning Altar.

                                       Junkman after defeat will drop a powerful mask, but beware! Junkman is a very strong opponent.







                                          Mod usage 📜

                                          Feel free to use this mod in: Youtube videos, Modpacks


                                          Creators 🗿

                                          Asemavision (Jackmancreator)

                                          DinoSoupDoctor (DinoSoup)


                                           Link to CurseForge page




                                          Thank you for reviewing our mod and have a nice day!

Modification files
Harmony 0.1.3.jarUploaded on: 03/31/2022 - 15:19   File size: 3.47 MB
Harmony 0.1.2.jarUploaded on: 03/30/2022 - 23:09   File size: 3.46 MB
Harmony 0.1.1.jarUploaded on: 03/29/2022 - 19:17   File size: 2.87 MB
Harmony 0.1.0.jarUploaded on: 03/27/2022 - 17:52   File size: 2.78 MB

-Fixed Raccoon achievement name 
-Fixed Hermit Crab bounding boxes 
-Reduced Captured Dolphin spawn rate
-Duck now also spawns on swamp biome 
-Fixed item names
-Trash pile cannot spawn on itself anymore
-Algea and Dried Algea cannot be placed on each other anymore 
-Fixed Soya Bean Crops' Creative pick item 


Very cool mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!