Trash Slot Mod

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Ever wanted to get rid of your useless items instead of letting them clutter up your house?

Can't be bothered to find some lava?

Why not just...


You know how some games like Terraria and Starbound have Trash Slots to place unwanted items in?

Well, this mod adds one to Minecraft!

Just press Y To put it to use!

Place your item in the slot and press esc to close the GUI, and...


Disclaimer: I know that there are about a million mods just like this one. But I made it in about 1 minute by accident, and I just thought, "Hey, I'll publish this!"

Also, the mod workspace is removed so I can't be bothered to allocate a new one just for an update for this. So all update requests will be denied. Sorry.

Modification files
TrashCanMod.jar - Trash Slot Mod .jar DOWNLOADUploaded on: 12/23/2018 - 16:16   File size: 30.48 KB

Will never be updated unless there is a major issue.

Why would it be?

XD i acciently throw a batch of diamond block in the trashcan hat's "wonderful"

This is a really useful mod. Now I don't have to risk falling into lava EVERY SINGLE TIME! :)

Interesting. But can you make the gui text (which tolds "press esc" etc) a lil' bit lower? Just my perfectionist soul isn't happy about that (there also not perfect "Trash" location, but that isn't important)