Trash Bin

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Trash Bin is a simple vanilla-friendly mod, adding a trash bin to your gameplay. Instead of boringly removing unwanted items in lava, get yourself a trash bin and throw out your items in a more fancy way!


You can join me on my server Marwinekk's mods to see how my mods are being developed. Also, if you like my modding style, you can suggest what next QoL mod I could do for you!

Join theΒ discordΒ orΒ donateΒ to support me, so I can improve the mods' quality with more advanced programs!

If you wish to use this in a modpack, feel free to do so and let me know if you do!


Modification files
Trash - text file with link to curseforge231 bytes

Minor update: because most of you are using JEI, the GUI buttons might be covered by items, so I changed the buttons' layout.

I have a similar block in my first ever MCreator mod, it had a block "Item Vanisher", it had one inventory slot, an input one, a button saying "Vanish!", and a text on the top saying "Item Vanisher". You put an item in, click the button, and the item disappeared. I spent some time on trying to hook it up to a button.