Chewing and brewing update and more

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
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Cool mod allowing to protect yourself and others from some unlucky situations by using tea effects spreaded in the air by sprinkler.
You can mutate berries to brew stronger tea effects or just to save some resources.
You can farm berries on loaded chunks simply by crafting fox totem and spawning fox. (Totem will work in 15 block radius.)

Mutations, alloys recipes and tea effect are written in my discord server (bc I haven't got any other idea to write them in):
(its not advertisemant to join my discord server, i just stored them here.)

I recomend to download JEI to check for recipes.  And thank you all for hitting 20 downloads in quiq time. 📣




Dont try drinking tea for potion effects. (It won't work and I can't fix that.)

Modification files
Chewing & brewing update_0.jar - 1.2.0 - first public version1.31 MB
Chewing & brewing update_1.jar - 1.3.0 - added wooden armor (better than lether but worse than iron)1.33 MB
Chewing & brewing update_2.jar - 1.3.5 - updated getting reciped without crafting1.33 MB

1.2.0 - published mod
1.3.0 - added wooden armor (better than leather armor but worse than iron armor)
1.3.5 - updated getting reciped without crafting

Thank you for downloading my mod.
there is no use for diamond ingot for now

i forgot to tell you that erbium items are in #piglin_loved so you can trade with erbium ingots.
Make sense right?