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auto world border manger - place white block and press the start button when right clicking it to start one
first recipe is a create that generates random items like gold and iron and food and wood and coins
toatle of 10 diffrent type of iteams it can make with a low chance of doing it
second recipe is a store place 8 cash in and grab it back out to get a random iteam of 10 random diffrent types of iteams mostly instant potions
instant potions u can right click to use or punch a person or mob to use on them
slowness, speed, posin, extra hearts, instant health
version 2 for forge 1.15.2

Modification files
phanterz v2 (1.15.2).jar - LatestUploaded on: 10/01/2020 - 01:55   File size: 136.11 KB