Weird Plants Mod: Alternate Food

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Hello, this is my third mod on MCreator. It is based on plants and food.

The Alternate Food mod adds two new food stalks in your world.

You can find them easily on plains and it is easy to get food with the mod!

​Loo (obtained from Loo Plant)
​Whoo (obtained from Whoo Plant)
​Nine Loo (crafted by compressing Loo)

​Whoo Slime (he is evil!)

​Whoo Gun (Crafting Recipe: loo,none,none  none,whoogem,none  none,none,whoogem, Ammo: "Whoo Munition" pierced by only one whoo food)

​Loo gives you invisibility for 30 secs:
​Whoo gives you strength for 30 secs
​Nine Loo gives you nightvision for 30 secs and water breathing for 68 secs
​The Rare Whoo Gem can be only obtained by killing whoo slimes with a 10% chance
​Used to craft the Whoo Gem (recipe)
​Whoo Gun shoots very fast. Be careful if you used this.

​So i finished the mod.


Modification files
weird_plants_mod_-_alternate_food_1.0.jar - Weird Plants Mod - Alternate Food [Version 1.0]Uploaded on: 11/20/2016 - 10:49   File size: 2.54 MB