The Deity Mod

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is The Deity Mod. Explore the world to find a new biome called the Magical Lands, a new plant which is Corn (Corn if made into Popcorn, is super OP), new ores called the God Ore which gives God Gems, and Deity Ore which gives Deity Ingots, and you can craft these into CRAZY armor and tools, the OP Infinity Ingots, and the OP tool and the SUPER OP Infinity X Sword and Pickaxe. Enjoy explore the amazing modded world I made!

UPDATE: Added Enderite and Magnetite. Also OP item craft has been changed.



If there are any bugs or suggestions, please tell me so I can fix them!

Modification files

Added Enderite and Magnetite, also changed OP item craft.