Craftable Mob Drops

Published by Siruisa on Fri, 11/19/2021 - 10:44
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Craftable Mob Drops for 1.12.2

This mod allows you to craft hostile mob drops when you are playing Minecraft in "Peaceful Mode" that aren't usually possible to obtain or if you are too lazy to go to the Nether or struggling to find those stupid slimes then here you have it. All crafting recipes can be seen using JEI.

(For the spider eye, any flower will do.)


This mod was supposed to be only for my Modpack that is always on Peaceful Mode, so I decided why not share it?

This Mod only support Vanilla Minecraft Hostile Mob Drops, I am still learning how to add Modded Hostile Mob Drops to my crafting recipe list.

Leave a comment if I should update this mod to 1.16+

Modification files
craftablemobdrops_1.12.2_forge_v0.jar - This is the first version of the Craftable Mob Drops Mod 27.5 KB
craftablemobdrops_1.12.2_forge_v1.jar - This is the second version of the mod which adds Nether Wart27.83 KB

Version 0

Added Recipes for the following Vanilla Mob Drops:
Ghast Tear

Blaze Rod



Prismarine Shards and Crystals


Totem of Undying

Shulker Shells

Spider Eye

Rotten Flesh

Nether Star

Wither Skeleton Skull

Blaze Rods

And Supposedly for my modpack:

Chorus Flower


Version 1:



Supposedly for my modpack:

Nether Wart