Published by Walbaby on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 16:30
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Peaceful+ allows you to craft or find all items, which are currently unobtainable on peaceful mode.

This mod does NOT add recipes for:

  • items which can be found in dungeons e.g. saddles, disc "cat" and "13"
  • creative only items/blocks
  • drops from bosses


This mod still works fine when playing on a higher level of difficulty. Although it might be easier to just fight the Monsters, then.


supported languages:

  • english
  • french
  • german
  • hungarian (thanks to NeMeZiSSFPRO)
  • spanish
  • more to come



⇒Version 1.5.0 (pls use 1.5.1) is out, with crafting recipes for discs and a few other improvements! Enjoy it!

    For updates check the changelog.




 If you are looking for the crafting recipes, please take a look on the curseforge mod site or use mods that can show you the recipes, like the NotEnoughItems mod.




With this mod also came some new blocks and items, which you will need in order to craft your gunpowder, blaze rod, etc.

There are also some new recipes for items, that you can get on peaceful mode, just to make the mod a bit more balanced.

e.g. You could still get bone meal by finding fossil structures and putting the bone blocks in a crafting table. But vanilla fossils are extremly rare.

The new fossil blocks i added, will provide with small amounts of bone meal, early in the game.

If you use better tools however, you'll get alot more things out of them.


-sulfur deposit (drops sulfur crystals)

-saltpeter deposit (drops saltpeter crystals)

-block of sulfur

-block of saltpeter

-gypsum block (drops gypsum crystals)

-fossil block (drops cobblestone, bone meal and rarely bones)

-encased fossil block (drops a lot of bones and sometimes bone blocks)

-hydraulic press (a new crafting station; uses redstone as fuel)

-flax (a plant that drops string)

-rafflesia (a flower that drops slime balls)

-sulfur powder, gypsum powder and saltpeter (made out of their crystal form; crafted in the crusher)

-totem head, totem arms and totem body (needed to craft a totem)

-plaster and bandage (used to turn a fossil into a encased fossil)

-covered gold rod

-black tear

-slimy black tear

-shulker plate

-empty music disc

-over 40 new crafting recipes!


Introduction for the hydraulic press:

Gui for the Press

1. Put redstone in the bottom left slot as a fuel

2. Put the crystal, you want to snap to dust, in the top left slot. (You can also use any kind of prismarine block, too. This gives you four prismarine shards, instead of one, which you get trough smelting prismarine crystals.)

3. Press on "CRUSH!!!"


This mod is not supposed to be a very big mod, so don't expect to see a lot of big updates coming out. But i still want to improve some features (how you get/craft specific items) of this mod to make it more interesting.


I hope you enjoy this mod while spending some quite nights with crafting. ;)

Modification files
Peaceful+ Mod [v1.3.0].jarUploaded on: 02/05/2019 - 16:33   File size: 188.59 KB
Peaceful+ Mod [v1.4.0].jarUploaded on: 02/23/2019 - 14:24   File size: 197.01 KB
Peaceful+ Mod [v1.5.0].jarUploaded on: 07/24/2019 - 13:28   File size: 253.26 KB
Peaceful+ Mod [v1.5.1].jarUploaded on: 07/25/2019 - 18:03   File size: 253.17 KB

v1.5.1 (25th July 19)

  • disabled minecraft forge version check


v1.5.0 (24th July 19)

  • updated to mcreator 1.9.0
  • added support for two more languages: hungarian (big thanks to NeMeZiSSFPRO) and spanish
  • added search bar to the mod tab
  • added blank music disc
  • added crafting recipe for blank music disc
  • added crafting recipes for all vanilla disc except for "13" and "cat", as they can be found in dungeons
  • renamed the Crusher to Hydraulic Press, because its purpose is not only to destroy things
  • rearranged the slots in the Press gui, as the gui will be overhauled in a future update
  • changed Rafflesia now only spawn in swamp, jungle and roofed forest biomes. (and in different variations of them like mutated ones)


v1.4.0 (23rd Feb. 19)

  • updated to mcreator 1.8.2
  • added sulfur block
  • added saltpeter block
  • added crafting recipes for block of sulfur and block of saltpeter (both can be crafted back)
  • added german french translation fort he new blocks
  • changed flax texture again
  • changed rafflesia texture again
  • changed gypsum texture
  • changed crusher front texture
  • changed the way the crusher is placed; front texture is facing to player
  • changed crusher gui a bit so now it looks better
  • changed rafflesia drops rotten flesh too with 20% chance
  • changed all three totem pieces can now be found in the Peaceful+ mod tab
  • changed xp bottle recipe now requires gold nugget instead of gold ingot
  • changed you now get 2 spider eye from the recipe
  • fixed a bug where the crafting recipe for the skeleton head did not work 
  • fixed a bug that let you craft items, that normally would require a skeleton head.


v1.3.0 (5th Feb. 19)

First the most important changes:

  • renamed the mod to „Peaceful+“. The files however will still be named „Peaceful+ Mod vx.x.x“
  • changed ALL textures! Some of them only changed by a few pixels, other textures were completly redone.
  • added german and french translation for new items and renamed some existing items
  • added mod tab and moved all items to it


Other changes:

  • renamed nitre to saltpeter
  • renamed nitre ore to saltpeter deposit
  • renamed sulfur to sulfur powder
  • renamed sulfur ore to sulfur deposit
  • added gypsum block (found on layers 10-40, has a vein size of 6)
  • added gypsum powder
  • added gypsum crystal
  • added sulfur crystal
  • added saltpeter crystal
  • added totem head
  • added totem arms
  • added totem body
  • added plasterbandage
  • added encased fossil (you need a iron pickaxe to mine it!)
  • added the Crusher (a block that uses redstone as fuel, needed to craft a lot of items)
  • added crafting recipe for following blocks and items: totem, totem head, totem arms, totem body, plaster bandage, xp bottle and crusher
  • added these items can now be crafted in the crusher: gypsum powder, sulfur powder, saltpeter and prismarine shards
  • changed fossils drop now bone meal (90%), cobblestone (40%), bone (10%) (use plaster bandage on it to get a encased fossil)                                                                          encased fossil drop: bone (90%) bone block (10%)
  • changed sulfur/saltpeter deposit need to be mined with a iron pickaxe
  • changed saltpeter deposit drops 1 salpeter crystal
  • changed sulfur deposit drops 1 sulfur crystal
  • changed sulfur deposit vein size from 10 to 4
  • changed sulfur deposit max. spawn height from 30 to 25
  • changed saltpeter deposit vein size from 10 to 4
  • changed saltpeter deposit max. spawn height from 30 to 25
  • changed fossil vein size from 12 to 6
  • changed rafflesia and flax now drop itself when right clicked
  • changed crafting recipe for gunpowder (requires now two sulfur powder but only one charcoal)



v1.2.0 (22nd Jan. 19)

  • added shulker plate
  • added shulker plate recipe
  • added recipes for all heads (player, creeper, zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton)
  • added rotten flesh recipe
  • changed shulker shell recipe (now requires shulker plates)


v1.1.0 (14th Jan. 19)

  • added fossils block
  • added flax
  • added german localization
  • added french localization
  • changed sound when player punches rafflesia


v1.0.0 (2nd Jan. 19)

  • added sulfur ore and nitre ore
  • added sulfur and nitre
  • added rafflesia flower
  • added covered gold rod
  • added black tear
  • added slimy black tear
  • added crafting recipes for following items: covered gold rod, black tear, slimy black tear, gunpowder, ghast tear, spider eye and shulker shell
  • added smelting recipes for following items: blaze rod, ender pearl and prismarine shard

Thanks. I want to keep it very simple because i'll make more mods in the future and want them work together fine.

Thank you. If you should use this mod for a longer time and you think something is missing, buggy or unbalanced, let me know.
Unfortunately i don't have a lot of time at the moment. Thats why progress is made very slowly. Since i want you to get at least a bit content here and then, i'm currently focusing on the small mods.
I hope that I have enough time someday to try your mods, too

Sulfur is used to craft gunpowder. You also need one nitre and two coal in order to craft it.
And the fossils are very common. The veins have a size from usually 4-12 blocks and you should find them almost everywhere from layer 10 up to layer 30.
In the next update I will reduce the vein size of the fossil block.