Luck & Leprechauns

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Adds many new St. Patrick's day

themed items to Minecraft


requires: Curios API (Forge/NeoForge)


New items☘

  • Four-leaf clover (spawns anywhere flowers do, very rare)

  • Leprechaun's hat (looks cool, adds a nice dash of color to your armor set, makes piglins neutral)

  • Shamrock shake (clears any potion effect, gives luck and speed 3, crafted with milk and a clover)


New Block☘

  • Pot Of Gold (drops a block of gold and the cauldron, the rainbow and cloud disappear with gold)


New Mob☘

  • Leprechauns (very fast and angry, has a chance of spawning if you break the pot of gold, highly recommend shield and bow)

Modification files
luck_and_leprechaun.jar - for forge 1.20.1Uploaded on: 03/15/2024 - 17:30   File size: 285.96 KB