Mo' Commands - Entity Update

Published by JNtheWolf on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 18:39
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This mod simply adds 98 new commands. 1.1 update introduces support for mob spawning.


/gms = Gamemode Survival

/gmc = Gamemode Creative

/gma = Gamemode Adventure

/gmsp = Gamemode Spectator

/ovrwrld = Teleport to Overworld

/nether = Teleport to Nether

/end = Teleport to End

/day = Sets the time to day

/sunr = Sets the time to sunrise

/night = Sets the time to night

/suns = Sets the time to sunset

/wclr = Clears the weather

/wrain = Changes weather to rain

/wthndr = Changes weather to thunder

/feed = Fill hunger bar

/starve = Empty hunger bar

/barrier = Gives barrier block

/cmdblock = Gives command block

/fly = Enables flight

/nfly = Disables flight

/bld = Enables build

/nbld = Disables build

/dmg = Enables damage

/ndmg = Disables damage

/strike (2) = Strikes 1(2) bolts of lightning

/clr = Clears all effects

/empty = Clears player inventory

/diamond = Covers player in diamond armor

/gold = Covers player in gold armor

/iron = Covers player in iron armor

/chain = Covers player in chainmail armor

/leather = Covers player in leather armor

/home = Sets player spawn

/(Entity name) = Spawns desired entity (Supports all living entities)

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1.1 - Introduced support for entity spawning.