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Multier is a mod that allows you to multiply items, blocks and weapons with certain gems and stones. With Multier, you can defeat the hassle of getting the same resources again and again when you need it urgently. This mod’s sole purpose is to help you multiply teams that you need like swords, food, gold and even diamond all with the Multier mod.


Multier Alpha Version 0.0.4 released!


Description Of Items in Multier Mod

  1. Multier Ore
    1. Multier Ore can be found in the ground. The main purpose is to help provide the Multier Gem for the User when using Multier Former.
  2. Multier Gem
    1. Multier Gem is crafted in the crafting table using the Multier Ore and the Multier Former.
    2. When place in the crafting table with other items and blocks, it multiplies and gives you more of the item/blocks.
    3. Multier Gem can only be used on Multier Items Basic and Multier Blocks Basic.
  3. Multier Former
    1. Multier Former is made with simple objects. It's sole purpose is to use in the crafting table to craft the Multier Gem out of the Multier Ore.
    2. Multier Former cannot be used as a proper pickaxe. Or else, it would be useless.
  4. Millioner Gem
    1. Millioner Gem is the next generation of the Multier Gem.
    2. Millioner Gem can only be used on Multier Items Advance and Multier Blocks Advance.
  5. ~~~



Crafting Recipes:

To View the crafting recipes for the mod, Click here!



Future Updates:

  1. Alpha Version [0.0.1] (Released)
  2. Alpha Version [0.0.2] (Released)
  3. Alpha Version [0.0.3] ~ Tools Update ~(Released)

  4. Alpha Version [0.0.4] ~ Weapons Update ~(Released)

  5. Alpha Version [0.0.5] ~ Food Update ~(Pending Release)

  6. Beta Version [0.1.0] (Scheduled for another time)

  7. Alpha Version [0.0.6] (No Progress)





(Alpha)Version 0.0.4 [13 June 2016]

[Changelog and Updates can be viewed on Mod's Official Website]

(Alpha)Version 0.0.3 [8 June 2016]

[Changelog and Updates can be viewed on Mod's Official Website]

(Alpha)Version 0.0.2 [6 June 2016]

[Changelog and Updates can be viewed on Mod's Official Website]

(Alpha)Version 0.0.1 [4 June 2016]

[Changelog and Updates can be viewed on Mod's Official Website]


More Updates is on the Mod's Official Website @


If there is any bugs, improvements, suggestions that you'll like to comment, please do comment down below or email me at under the subject "Multier mod Alpha". I will proceed with the nessary actions and reply you ASAP. Thanks!  
Modification files
Multier Alpha Version [0.0.4] for - Multier Minecraft Mod Version Alpha 0.0.4 for 1.9Uploaded on: 06/13/2016 - 12:08   File size: 91.25 KB
MultierAlpha Version [0.0.3] for 1.9 - Multier Minecraft Mod Version Alpha 0.0.3 for 1.9Uploaded on: 06/08/2016 - 02:33   File size: 86.51 KB
Multier Alpha [0.0.2] - Multier Minecraft Mod Version Alpha 0.0.2 for 1.9Uploaded on: 06/06/2016 - 03:38   File size: 64.69 KB
Multier Alpha [0.0.1].jar - Multier Minecraft Mod Version Alpha 0.0.1 for 1.9Uploaded on: 06/05/2016 - 06:45   File size: 32.48 KB

a couple feedback: multier ore looks like a higher resolution than vanilla textures, the items should have darker outlines, the items look really big on the ground for some reason, the description is a bit confusing, i don't get why you need multier former if you can get multier gems directly from the ore, you should probably have multier tie in with the rest of the game instead of just being a higher tier, otherwise i really like the name of the gem

I am so glad that I have like 46 downloads. Well, although seem like it's not much, on my first mod, I didn't expect to get 46 downloads. Haha... Thanks everyone for trying out the mod!