Craftonia Dimension

Published by fapdos on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 12:53
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This mod adds a new dimension! You can get into this dimension by making a nether-like portal with citrine blocks and opening it with a ''Wand of Craftonia''.

This dimension is like a second overworld with unique biomes, blocks and mobs, this means you can totally make a survival play in this dimension from scratch.


The basic thing you need to know to start with this mod is that there's a new ore in the overworld and it's the citrine ore.




Mobs you can find and where:

fapdos: FapdosVillage


Berdugo: FapdosVillage


Avril: BlueHills & UnknownValley


Vinicio: BlueHills, CraftoniaFields


Inotsa: CraftoniaFields, PurpleFields


Untoldos: BlueForest, CraftoniaForest


Falk: BlueHills, CraftoniaForest & UnknownValley


Shadow fapdos: FapdosVillage


Lumiere: PurpleFields, CraftoniaForest


Hamber: CraftoniaFields, CraftoniaForest, PurpleFields


Hamber (aggressive): CraftoniaFields, CraftoniaForest, PurpleFields


Sodpaf: BlueForest


Gletchior: BlueHills, CraftoniaFields & MindlessLands


Glitched Gletchior: PurpleFields




Soulstone fapdos: FapdosVillage


Florspod: BlueForest


Sparkling: BlueForest


Soulstone Avril: BlueHills


Hoto: FapdosVillage


Monstrosity fapdos: BlueHills


Sketch fapdos: CraftoniaFields, CraftoniaForest & DeathNether


Kirmuz: CraftoniaFields


Ushiuru: PurpleFields


Golden Gletchior: CraftoniaDesert & MindlessLands


Him: CraftoniaDesert


The Doll: CraftoniaDesert


Sandsect: CraftoniaDesert


Molten slime: Breaking fake lapislazuli


Drizzle slime: Breaking fake lapislazuli & CraftoniaTundra


Squox: CraftoniaDesert & CraftoniaTundra


Devinion (Red): Breaking red devite


Devinion (Green): Breaking green devite


Devinion (Yellow): Breaking yellow devite


Golden Him: DeathNether


Nimo: DeathNether


Radioactive Nimo: DeathNether


Creepy guy: Deathnether


Sad guy: Deathnether


Ominous guy: Deathnether


Noali: DreamField


RainyShadow: DreamField


Love guy: DreamWorld


Bored guy: DreamWorld


Jealous guy: DreamWorld


Peetry: CraftoniaDesert & UnknownValley


Monstrosity Avril: CraftoniaTundra, MindlessLands & UnknownValley


Clemen: CraftoniaTundra


Gowpette: Upon crafting Gowpette's mask


Themselves: Upon placing a last chance block


Prizlet: CloudsGarden





fapdos: Potatoes, Carrots & Empty sachet

Berdugo: Iron ingot, Poppy & Plentiful sachet

Avril: Iron ingot, String, Spider eye & Empty sachet

Vinicio: Bone, Phantom membrane & Empty sachet

Inotsa: Raw inotsa meat, Feather & Empty sachet

Untoldos: Beetroot seeds & Empty sachet

Falk: Ink sac, Phantom membrane & Plentiful sachet

Shadow fapdos: Dark essence & Plentiful sachet

Lumière: Luminous substance & Sachet

Hamber: Cookie, Phantom membrane & Empty sachet

Aggressive Hamber: Rotten flesh, Cookie, Potato, Phantom membrane & Empty sachet

Sodpaf: Melon seeds, Potato, Rotten flesh & Sachet

Gletchior: Ender pearl, Sachet, Carrot & Potato

Glitched Gletchior: Ender pearl, Plentiful sachet, Carrot & Potato

Golden Gletchior: Rotten flesh, Gold nugget, Chorus Fruit & Plentuful sachet

ACHEAEMEBEERRE: Dark essence, Phantom membrane & Sachet

Soulstone fapdos: Soulstone & Sachet

Florspod: Florspod roots & Blue Orchid

Sparkling: Rotten flesh, Gold nugget, Gold ingot, Luminous substance & Empty sachet

Soulstone Avril: Soulstone, String, Iron nugget & Sachet

Hoto: Gunpowder, Hoto shot & Sachet

Monstrosity fapdos: Rotten flesh, Emerald, Potato & Plentiful sachet

Plastic fapdos: Redstone, Microphone & Iron nuggets

Sketch fapdos: Rotten flesh, Golden sword, Sachet, Ink sac, Gold ingot & Gold nugget

Kirmuz: Viscous mass, Slime ball & Empty sachet

Ushiuru: White wool, Raw beef & Empty sachet

Him: Rotten flesh, Slime ball, Iron ingots, Potatoes & Carrots

The Doll: Leather, Feather, String & Dark essence

Sandsect: Raw sandsect, Feather, Red Sand, Spider eyes & Strings

Molten slime: Magma cream

Drizzle slime: Wet balls

Squox: Colorful box, Sachet & Plentiful sachet

Devinion (Red): Blaze rods

Devinion (Green): Lapislazuli blocks

Devinion (Yellow): Prismarine shards

Golden Him: Rotten flesh, Gold nugget & Gold ingot

Nimo: Nothing

Nimo (Boss): Luminous glass

Radioactive Nimo: Nothing

Radioactive Nimo (Boss): Dark glass & Nether Star

Creepy guy: Creepy mask

Sad guy: Sad mask

Ominous guy: Ominous mask

Love guy: Love mask

Bored guy: Bored mask

Jealous guy: Jealous mask

RainyShadow: Ectoplasm

Noali: Gold nuggets & Gold ingots

Peetry: Coal & Peetry
Monstrosity Avril: Emeralds, Strings, Spider eyes, Enchanted golden apple & Plentiful sachet
Clemen: Crystallized ice & Ice

Gowpette: Gowpette's mask & Ender pearls

Themselves: End With Everything & Ectoplasm

Prizlet: Dream star, Sachet & Phantom membrane


Breeding information about the mobs:

Some mobs from this mod can have babies if you give them certain items, here you have a list:


fapdos: Kumquat, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat seeds, beetroot seeds and florspod root


Inotsa: Florspod root, beetroot seeds and wheat seeds


Kirmuz: Carrots, golden carrots and wheat


Ushiuru: Wheat


Untoldos: Cookies, florspod root, raw sandsect and cooked sandsect


How to get some specific items and blocks:

Dimensional Hook

Citrine ore: any cave at layers 63-4 (in the overworld) --- Any Craftonia cave at layers 32-16 (in Craftonia)

Charoite: only from smelting the block ''charoite stone'', which only generates in the biome FapdosVillage at layers 46-1 and you can also obtain it from sachets.

Free soul: only from breaking the block ''caged souls'', which only generates in the biome BlueHills at layers 51-7

Happy soul: you craft it with a free soul, luminous substance and dark essence. You can also obtain it from sachets.

Aventurine: you get it from smelting aventurine ores, which generate in any cave from Craftonia at layers 20-16

Strawberry obsidian shard: you get it from bountiful sachets and also from breaking strawberry obsidian, which generates in caves from Craftonia at layers 17-15.

Chalk block: you craft it from chalk, which is obtained when breaking chalk blocks, which generates at layers 79-5 in any cave from Craftonia.

Onitite: you get it from smelting onitite ores, which generate in any cave from Craftonia at layers 99-2

Soulstone: you get it from killing Soulstone fapdos, who generates in the biome FapdosVillage, and from killing Soulstone Avril, who generates in the biome BlueHills.


Glowing light: You get it from crafting it with glowing shards, which are obtained when breaking glowing light, which generates the DeathNether. It generates at the bottom of the world.

Death Stone Bricks: You get it from crafting it with death bricks, which are obtained from smelting death stone, which is the block the biome DeathNether is made of.

Fossilized Peetry: You get it rarely from killing Peetry, who spawns in the biome CraftoniaDesert. You can also get it from caves of the biome CraftoniaFields at layers 110-2.

Florspod Root: You get it from killing Florspod, who spawns in the biome BlueForest.

Craftonia Soulsand: It generates in the biome UnknownVillage, from the Death Nether.

Free soul: only from breaking the block ''caged souls'', which only generates in the biome BlueHills at layers 51-7

Luminous Glass: you get it from killing Nimo (boss), who spawns in the biome DeathNether.

Dark Glass: you get it from killing Radioactive Nimo (boss), who spawns in the biome DeathNether.

Last Chance Block

Ectoplasm: You get it from killing RainyShadow, who spawns in the biome DreamFields.

Blacklight: It generates anywhere in the biome MindlessLands

Dream star: You get it from breaking dream clouds, which is the block the biome CloudsGarden is made of. You can also get it from the biome DreamFields.



How to get started

Make this portal and open it with the wand, the mod will explain you the rest once you enter this dimension!


More screenshots of what does this mod offer:

You can see more on the ''images'' section of this page!



This mod is translated into Spanish and Latin Spanish.


Mod made by fapdos





Modification files
CraftoniaDimension3.2.1.jarUploaded on: 05/28/2021 - 12:45   File size: 4.39 MB

Craftonia Dimension 3.2.1 ''Take some fruits on these trying times''


=== Additions ===
-Added Fruitube (it's a fruit you have a 20% chance of obtaining when breaking blue leaves)
-Added Twinklefruit (it's a fruit you have a 20% chance of obtaining when breaking red leaves)
-Added Purperry (it's a fruit you have a 20% chance of obtaining when breaking purple leaves)
-Added Rainbow Lemon (it's a fruit you have a 20% chance of obtaining when breaking colourful leaves)
-Added a fun little secret :)


=== Changes ===
-Leaves now have a 10% chance of giving themselves when broken and a 20% chance of giving their respective fruit.
-Shadow fapdos now has emissive textures.
-Dry ferns are now used for crafting the Craftonia guide.
-Dry ferns now have a 50% chance of dropping sticks, a 30% chance of dropping itself and a 20% chance of dropping nothing.
-Updated Corruptopolis' foliage coloration.


=== Fixes ===
-Fixed dry ferns being impossible to pick up.
-Fixed most blocks being impossible to break by hand.

the description is really really dettailed, good job! the mod also adds a lot of content, there is tons of stuff here!
you may improve the textures that look old and not much detailed, but this mod can be easily motw this week