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Warning: This mod will no longer receive any update !


AdventureFight is a mod who add strength monster, powerful items, and rare ores.


This mod add more monster for a better difficulty, equipment for fight the must powerful mobs. And all the craft of items is expensive for a better difficulty to.

You need create technical for beat the mob, found rare ores, and survive to boss and mini-boss.

All the mob got a special ability, and they are items for create mob.

All items, armor got a special ability, that why they are all expensive. Some of this items can create explosion, give you potion effect, and more.

(sorry i can't upload image here, I don't know why)


  • Of cours the mod will have more mobs, more items, some changes,... in the feature version.


Sorry for mistake I'm French

200 downloads !! Thank you !

Modification files


For 1.10:


- Old Elder Guardian

- God Of Ground

- Corrupted Cloud

- Old Elder Guardian Totem

- God Of Ground Totem

- Corrupted Wind Totem

- Respawn Totem Wand

- Respawn Totem Wand Old Elder Guardian

- Respawn Totem Wand God Of Ground

- Respawn Totem Wand Corrupted Wind

- Old Elder guardian Totem Frosted

- God Of Ground Totem In Leaves

- Corrupted Wind Totem Block

- Elementary Fragment: Air

- Elementary Fragment: Earth

- Elementary Fragment: Water

- Elementary Sword

- Elementary Sword Air

- Elementary Sword Ground

- Elementary Sword Water

- Elementary Sword Fire

- Elementary Sword Ice

-Elementary Sword Lightning Bolt

- Corrupted Wind Structure

- God Of Ground Structure

- Old Elder Guardian Strcuture



- Fly ring don’t give you slow falling

- cosmic leggings armor texture

For 1.11:


- All Respawn Totem Wand whit totem got 10% chance to give 1 RespawnTotemWand

- CosmicPortalCreatorGui

- +4 spawn probability on Nether Silverfish

- Ice Monster



- All ring will now show ambient & particules

- All ring & armor potion effect duration

- regeneration effect will change into absortion in FightRing ; ArmorRing ; HeroArmor ; CosmicArmor

- CosmicArmor have absortion effect

- Hero Helmet have HeroOfTheVillage effect

- ArmorRing have weakness & mining fatigue

- VillagerKingSpawn have 100 durability

- All Armor whit potion effect will now show ambient & particules

- reduce spawn probability on Orc ; Orc Knight ; Zombie Knight

- Orc Knight is slower

For 1.12:


- Black Entity leaves

- Black Entity Log

- Black Entity Grass

- Diamond Ring

- Ice Wand

- Fire Wand

- LightningBolt Wand

- Swamp monstrosity

- Swamp monstrity flesh

- Swamp monstrosity ingot

- Swamp monstrosity compact ingot

- Swamp monstrosity Sword

- MobSummonerCore

- MobSummonerFragmentPart

- MobSummonerFragment

- MobSummoner

- All the mob will have his proper knockback resistance and knockback attaque

- All items will have his proper rarity

- Syringe

- Syringe [Effect Matser]

- Syringe [Strenght God]

- Syringe [Frost Master]

- Syringe [Light God]

- Syringe [Healt God]

- Syringe [LavaWalker]

- Zombie Minion

- Zombie Minion Food

- Bot Minion

- Bot Minion Food

- Creeper Minion

- Creeper Minion Food

- +50 chance to spawn to all structure



- Black Grass is rename to Black Entity Grass Block

- Black Dirt is rename to Black Entity Dirt

- Re-textured Black Entity Stone Brick

- Re-textured all ring

- Cosmic Ring crafting recipe

- Black wand is rename to Black Entity Wand

- All elementary sword texture

- All elementary sword are less op

- All elementary sword have a special ability by rick click in the air or the ground

Same here, but it is pretty awesome for sure ;)
Keep up the good work ;)

Hi i just want to say i need idea, so if you have any you can share in the comment i will not accept dimensions and idea from other creator without their permission.

(again, sorry for mistake I'm French)