Creatures and beasts mod - model testing

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In development
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Model designer
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is an unfinished pre-release of the creatures and beasts mod, simply to preview how the models will look in game. There are plenty many mobs yet to be added; You can join the discord to see the prgress of the mod
Just so everyone knows: this mod should not be played with in survival worlds or added to modpacks - It is only a preview of the models and is very glitchy.

Modification files
CreaturesAndBeasts-Beta_Test_Release_2.jar - Creatures and beasts pre release684.95 KB

The Pill bug looks so cute :> You're extremely talented in modelling, arent you?

Oh, are you the guy who posted the "green monster" on the Blockbench Server? Cool, I'm going to download and play your mod, you deserve MOTW!

This looks phenomenal! Not only do the models look great, but so do the textures! Really good job!

These models are so cool!!! I especially love the cyndershell :)

If anyone can help me I will be grateful!

I would like to know how I do to animate the body parts correctly.

At Mcreator, when importing Java Class, he asks to put the body parts to animate.

I don't understand anything and every time I put it, my entity gets all buggy in the game.

My organization has several groups and is a little bit complicated.

To summarize, I would like to know if there are any tutorials helping to import Java class pro MCreator.

Note: My English is terrible because I'm Brazilian and I don't know much.