Organ1zedCha0s' Builder's Invisible Lights

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A mod that adds light sources that are invisible, mainly made for map building. The lights vary from light level 15 to light level 1. The lights have relatively small hitboxes when highlight them. The lights can be replaced by placing a block on top of them or destroying them in creative. Additionally, there are 2 tools that scan for lights and remove them within a 7x7x7 area around the player and a 15x15x15 area around the player. These tools have animated textures.

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Chaos'_Builders_Invisible_Lights_1.16.4_V1.02.jar - Builder's Invisible Lights by Organ1zedCha0sUploaded on: 01/29/2021 - 02:19   File size: 116.05 KB