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Yeah guys, it was a while...

Now, I'm back with a brand new mod, ya like it? I hope so! If you're good at programming or you're a good graphic, contact me (but I cannot pay you)
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List of the features:

Spoiler (click to hide)

Beta 0.0.1:

-All entities now will drop a soul
- Now, there's a saddle recipe:

-  Souling table recipe:

Here's the souling table:

- A new structure that you'll find in the Nether (Crimson Forest and Nether Wastes), the piglin house:

-Debug stick recipe


-Wither skeleton bone:

End portal frame recipe:

-Now, wither skeletons will drop wither skeleton bones
-Now, if you do the craft for the torch, the crafting will give you only a torch instead of 4!
-Added 3 new enchantments: Souling (when an entity dies, it will drop more souls than normal depending of the enchantment level), Ice aspect (that "freeze" the attacked entity) and Withering (that wither the attacked entity)

-Added 3 new commands: /nether (tp you to the Nether) , /end (tp you to the End) and /overworld (tp you to the overworld)
Beta 0.0.2:

-Added two new tools: the glass breaker and the chain breaker (their names speak for themselves)
Chain breaker
Glass breaker

-Added two new biomes: the maple forest and the outback:
Maple forest

-Added a few new blocks: the swamp sewage, the cracked bricks, the mesh floor and the one side glass

Swamp sewage (on the left) and cracked bricks (on the right)
Mesh floor

-Added the ruby ore set with armor, weapons and tools!

Beta 0.0.3: Quite Swampy...

- Changed the Swamp Sewage Texture (now it's animated)
- Changed the mesh floor texture to fit more the chain style:

-Added Cobalt Wool (still WIP, there's no way to get it in survival mode at the moment)

-Added mud that you can find in swamp biomes

-Added dried mud, a special and rarer variant of the mud

-Added Mangrove Wood (with all the subtypes such as pkanks, stairs etc..)

-Added a new music for the swamp biome, but it is still WIP because it doesn't play in nature
-Removed the new swamp music

If you wanna download all versions or you just wanna support me), download this mod from Curseforge (it's free :D) here:


Planned features (most important and closer ones):

Done: Beta : general bug fixes, small improvements and deleting the swamp music because it doesn't fit the Minecraft style.
- Add new entities (idk when but asap)

P.s: made with MCreator


-Added Uranium Block

-Now, if you hold Uranium Ingots you'll be poisoned by radiations, here's the effects you'll have:

Blindness II

Nausea II

Mining Fatigue II

Weakness II

Wither II

-Added Italian translations for some words: Idk if I'll continue to translate or not...