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Published by ZharkAC on Wed, 03/03/2021 - 01:51
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Op Weapons and Tools hard to find. some Players with the Weapons Died fighting a special type of drowned which may still have the penetrated Weapon in it.

Test Video: https://youtu.be/fkQ-GoefD20

Leos Hook: each block mined you gain +1 haste and it drops a little bit of xp, you can right click to destroy the block but costing 10xp levels. if a mob is hit they take 20% current hp damage and boost to 40% if they are slowed. mobs hit get slowed.

Leos Sword: gain +1 Stacks if in water and +2 when fully submerge. if a mob is hit they take damage based on how many stacks you have(effectiveness of the stacks are based on HP, at 100% the damage is 10% effective and +10% for each 10% missing HP).

OP Verson: the Staking stacks forever

Balanced Verson: the Stacking Go's Down when in Land

Modification files
Leos_Tools_Balanced_Verson-1.16.4.jar - Balanced Verson82.27 KB